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With former Lt. Gen. Moe Myint Tun being sentenced to life in prison, has the NSA dealt with the corruption problem clearly? . .

In early October, former Lt. Gen. Moe Myint Tun and Brigadier General Yan Naung Soe, a member of the State Planning and Administration Council, were sentenced to life imprisonment equivalent to 20 years by a military court.


According to a statement from NASK, Lieutenant General (former) Moe Myint Tun, member of the State Management Council, chairman of the Myanmar Investment Commission, Chairman of the Foreign Exchange Supervisory Committee. While serving as chairman of the Central Committee for Trade and Commodity Flows, the country’s foreign exchange policy, He said it was because he acted against important commodity policies and other economic policies for personal gain.



Doing this is a violation of the national oath. The national government paid a certain percentage of dollars to import palm oil and the central bank sold it at a reference price. involved, Using the power of office to acquire gifts given by the companies. illegal possession of foreign currencies; NASK has taken action against him for violating the instructions of military discipline and engaging in civilian business activities, which is equivalent to life imprisonment.





In the same way, the National Planning and Administration Council, which took over the national responsibility after the voter registration problem started in 2021, bribed and took action against many top leaders during the NLD government. Economy Minister U Aung Than Oo was also prosecuted for corruption and sentenced to long prison terms.



Finally, he is also a member of the State Management Council. Even former Lt. Gen. Mo Myint Tun, who is in a high-ranking position at the top of the army and is expected to become the commander-in-chief, has taken decisive action because of corruption. It has become a topic of discussion among the people whether they can effectively deal with the law, regardless of whether they choose high or small positions, and work to reduce and eliminate the problem of corruption that is rooted in the country.


In this situation and time, the last two governments under the Thein Sein government and the NLD government have been criticized for corruption. The Mya Kyun Tha project on Kama Aye Pagoda Road, which was stopped due to loss of public funds, etc., is surprisingly good to see signs of resumption.

■ Is Mya Kyun starting again? . .

He was questioned whether there was corruption during U Thein Sein’s government. The Mya Kyun Tha project on Yangon’s Kama Aye Pagoda Road, which was criticized due to the loss of public funds, had to be ordered to stop when U Thein Sein’s government was about to step down.



However, in July 2023, I saw an advertisement announcing the rental of shops in Mya Gyuntha on a social networking site under the name of Inya Palace Centre.

The ad said, ‘A large commercial center is currently under construction in Mya Gyun Tha Compound on Kama Aye Pagoda Road in Myangone Township, and will be completed and opened by the end of 2023. In this huge Inya Palace Center, the basement, Ground Floor There are a total of four layers, First Floor and Roof Slab. The width of each floor is Office Basement Total Floor Area 29329 SQ.FT, Office Ground Floor Total Area 28446 SQ.FT, Office First Floor Total Area 29646 SQ.FT, Office Roof Slab Total Area 28000 SQ.FT, Restaurant, Shop House For businesses such as banks, each area can be negotiated and rented depending on the layout. So, those who want to expand their business in a good central location, For those who want to buy and invest in a shop in a good location and want to re-rent it, Inya Palace Center is the best choice,’ he wrote and advertised. Inya Palace Center has been continuously advertising about Mya Gyuntha on its social network page.



Due to this situation, Weekly Eleven Journal went to the ground to find out if the projects have started again in Mya Gyun Tha. At the time of the investigation, it was found that there are likely to be resumption of work in the front building on the side of the Mya Kyuntha, the side of the Inya Palace Center.

The building is said to be located on the land of Inya Palace Company, which Mandalay Golden Win Company (MGW U Win Aung) has obtained the right to, according to the list of previously approved Mya Gyuntha projects.



But currently, the social networking page has shops, Is the Inya Palace Company continuing to implement the Inya Palace Centre, which is advertised to be rented by banks? Whether another company is implementing it is unclear.

On the afternoon of October 3rd, we went to inquire about the circumstances and found scenes of some construction workers working on the building that had been stopped before construction.

“I’m not sure when it started there. I can see the workers working,” said a resident of Mya Kyun Tha Win.

Behind that building is the building of Magic Land Company and another entrepreneur. We stopped at those buildings in the past, but when we visited again on October 13th, construction vehicles, Mortar mixing machines, It was found that there were some operations with forklifts.

The building near the golf course on the side of Lake Inkya is not yet operational and only a few workers were found.

Next, according to the field investigation, if you enter the Mya Kyun Ta amusement park and walk straight, you will find a security guard tent near the restaurants, and next to the security guard tent, you will see a green sign saying that it was built with the permission of the Yangon Municipal Development Committee.

According to the sign written on the blue background, it was built with the permission of the Yangon City Municipal Development Committee, and the company that is doing the construction is Good Shan Brother International Co., Ltd., which is also one of the companies that were allowed to work on the Mya Kyun Tha project in the past.

According to the letter of approval, the building information will include eight buildings.

The buildings to be constructed are two two-story Club House buildings, Two two-story cinemas, Two floors of theater, Traditional 10 Art Gallery & Shop two-story buildings; International Restaurant, four two-story buildings, Pavillion 1 One Floor Open Shed Pavillion 1 One Floor Open Shed + One Roof Slab; Night Bazzar buildings with 24 open shed rooms on one floor.

In the sign, it is written that only the proposed building model is presented without mentioning the width.

As a comment on the approval sign, it is written that ‘if construction is not carried out according to the approved information, action will be taken in accordance with existing laws and the construction permit will be revoked’.

When I visited the place on October 3rd, I found that only a few workers were working, but on October 13th, the plots of land had been marked out. workers They also found that there were more security guards than before. On one side of the road, we found plots of land, and behind those plots, we also found a building that would store materials for the construction site.

Regarding the resumption of construction works that were prevented from stopping due to the current ground conditions, when I asked the municipal department responsible for the Mya Kyun Tha Amusement Park, they replied that they would have to go to the Yangon City Municipal Development Committee’s Parks and Stadiums Department to inquire.

On October 3rd, I contacted the head of the Department of Parks and Sports Fields of Yangon City Municipal Development Committee, but the officials told me to ask about the questions in writing.

On October 4th, the Weekly Eleven Journal sent an email to inquire, but as of the time of publication of this article, there has been no reply. If you contact me, I will continue to show you the answers.

Weekly Eleven magazine asked about the topics, ‘Night market from Good Shan Brother International Company in Mya Kyun Tha Amusement Park. movie theater Buildings including galleries, etc. are allowed to be constructed. It is known that Yangon Municipal Development Committee has given permission for construction and implementation in February 2023. In addition, on social media pages, Inya Palace Company also advertises the rental/sale of rooms in Mya Kyun Tha.