20.11.2023 -24.11.2023 A Tate Papers

The 17th Pyin Oo Lwin Tower Balloon Festival is planned to be held for five days from November 24th to 28th in Pyin Oo Lwin’s Maha Su Htoo Kantha Pagogyi Pagoda courtyard.

2023 This year Pyin Oo Lwin Balloon Festival will be held from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm with entrance fee (free). The beauty of the dance of Pyin Oo Lwinson. Burmese music entertainment programs DJ programs, lottery programs, Playgrounds for children (sea pirates and merry-go-rounds), trade fairs, Fairs and showrooms

The festival organizing committee announced that it will be organized with interesting programs.


Also, unlike other years, there will be a Free Show (free entrance fee) and the artists who will be singing and performing are Yoon Neng Myain, Htoo Elin Rain and rain hot Mee, etc., as well as film and video actors such as Neye, Pwong Nadi Maung, the enemy military style It has been announced that Khin Hlaing and comedians will participate.


The organizing committee of the festival has announced that the organization of the festival is fully responsible for the convenience of anyone who will come to the festival as it is continuously discussing and coordinating with the relevant departments regarding the necessary security measures for the successful organization of the festival.

At this year’s 17th balloon festival, 17 night fireworks. 12 diamond pendants It is known that 35 beauties of the day will be released.



On November 1, reflective stickers were affixed to two hundred container vehicles from Myint Tay Hii Tan Port, according to North Okkalapa Township Auxiliary Fire Brigade.

The auxiliary fire department of North Okkalapa Township has investigated that since the morning of November 1, reflective stickers were affixed to the container vehicles driving out of Hyi Tan Port in Myint Tay Township.


“We put reflective stickers on two hundred container vehicles departing from Hyo Tan Port. Supported by GWI Insurance Company. “Reflective stickers are given in collaboration with other relevant officials and charitable organizations,” said an official from North Okkalapa Township’s auxiliary fire brigade.

It is reported that the reflective stickers were attached for the purpose of traffic safety.


The National Administration Council’s press release has stated that it is dangerous to withdraw and hold more cash from banks than is needed, and it may lead to inflation and high prices.

Some local bank branches took advantage of the fact that banking services were stopped due to an unforeseen situation in the country. Terrorist groups and supporters of terrorist groups have reported these news on social networks and have heard that public money is being lost and people are withdrawing money from banks more than they want due to the inciting writings, raising public concerns.


Myanmar’s banking system uses the Core Banking System, which provides inter-bank services, so if the service of a bank branch is stopped for some reason, people will not be able to withdraw money. internet banking; Payment by bank cards; Payments will be made through account transfer methods. Under the supervision of the Central Bank of Myanmar, banks continue to provide services in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.

By believing the rumors from the locals and taking more money from the banks than they need, they can create a situation where they can lose their money. In addition, it is expected that the banks will have more money than they need, which will lead to more volatility and increase in the price of goods.

What is the purpose of withdrawing more money from banks than required by the people? It is also likely to be monitored by officials for suspicious situations such as where it is used. In the current situation, the banks have enough cash and the central bank is ready to provide cash to various banks, so the public should not withdraw more money than they need, and should trust and use banking services as normal.