16.11.2023 (3D Presents)

Myanmar’s neighboring country, China, is particularly fighting against online fraud at the end of this year.

China: Chinese citizens are being forced to join these online fraud gangs operating on the borders of Myanmar. Due to the involvement of Chinese citizens, the Chinese government has paid special attention to these processes.

At the end of 2023, the visits of government representatives from China and the Chinese ambassador to Myanmar’s meeting with officials of the Myanmar government were also events in which the issues of online money laundering gangs and communication fraud were discussed.

Even during the visit of former Chinese Foreign Minister Qing Gang, a high-ranking official of China, who visited Myanmar on May 2nd, the issue of online money fraud gangs was also discussed.

Known to residents of border areas as the Chinese term for tigers, the issue is online financial fraud.

Those who commit communication and online scams are Chinese nationals who come and work illegally in Myanmar. England Norway, Denmark, Australia Vietnam, Japan, Chinese, Russian and South Korean citizens are chosen as their targets, according to a person who got a job in telecommunications and online fraud in the ‘0’ city of Pansan.

They target 18 to 35-year-olds internationally as well as 60-year-olds with investment opportunities and an initial incentive. They hand over a small amount of money and after a big round comes in, they take it all,” said one who worked in an online fraud business and came out with compensation.

Those who work in these businesses find job postings online and contact them to go to work. He added that only when he arrived at his place of work did he find out that he had cheated online.

“We were called to work at the casino. But in reality, it is not that. That’s why I left after compensation,” said one person who got a job in an online fraud business and left with compensation.

Last few days, the National Planning and Administration Council announced that 95 people who were based in Yangon were caught committing financial fraud from foreign nationals online.