29.01.2024 – 02.02.2024 A Tate Papers

Myanmar-Thailand border Myawati town No. (1) through Friendship Bridge, Mae Sot, Thailand New Year. It is reported that a large number of shoppers visited the Pi Mine Special Discount Market on December 31st.

A tourist said that there are hundreds of Burmese tourists queuing up to get a border pass at the Myawady Friendship Bridge and they have to wait for a long time.

“Knowing that there will be many people today, I have been going since yesterday. Can’t get a border crossing permit. He said he was out of paper. Today, as the crowd sees it. I think there are thousands. I’ve been queuing up since early morning,” said Kothura, who was going to Mae Sot to shop.


When making a border crossing between the two countries, it costs 1000 kyats for the Border Pass paper on the Myanmar side and 500 kyats for the approval stamp, but 20 baht for the smart card on the Thai side. Build a vote Mary 40 baht for a travel permit within the three cities of Zomfa. It is known that the total cost is 60 Myanmar baht (about 6000 Kyats).


It is known that there are only tens of Thai nationals visiting Myanmar every day, but there are thousands of Myanmar nationals visiting Mae Sot in Thailand every day.

Thousands of Burmese citizens travel to the Mae Sot side of Thailand every day, earning hundreds of thousands of Thai baht daily. A traveler also said that they are occasionally treated with suspicion.


Most of the Burmese people shop at the Mega Home mall in Mae Sot for various household items, As well as buying house building materials and utilities, in the macro market, meat, fish, fish, etc. shrimp, vegetables All kinds of bread electronic devices; drinks It is reported that they bought a variety.

Also, Mae Sot Market and Honlon Mall, which are mostly sold by Burmese, are not selling as much as before, but the mall next to Asia Road is a large shopping mall that has the ability to attract Burmese citizens and is popular.

Since the third week of last January, due to untimely rains, shelters are urgently needed for IDPs in Beilin and Thathong townships of Mon State, according to people helping IDPs.

Due to the fighting that has been going on since December 13, 2023 near Winta Pan village in Beilin Township, Mon State, more than 1,500 local residents from nearby villages, including Winta Pan village, are fleeing from the war, said a person helping refugees.

He continued, “Because there are people fleeing the war and living in the jungles, we will provide them with shelter as well as warm clothes, Blankets and medicines are in urgent need,” he said.


Similarly, in Mon State’s Thathon Township, hundreds of local residents have fled their homes and fled to safe places due to the shootings, said a person helping refugees.

He continued, “Among those who fled the war, some fled to the city, and there are also those who live in their relatives’ homes. But mostly forests, mountains, They live in farms. shelter for them, Warm clothes and blankets. Medicines are needed,” he said.

children in war refugees; Those helping refugees said that there is a high participation rate of women and the elderly, so there is also a lot of need.