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U Zaw Win Cho, a member of the Ananda Buddha Board of Trustees, said that the (933) Buddha Pujaniya Pagoda Festival of Ananda Buddha will be held briefly in Bagan, Nyaung Oo District, Mandalay Region.

The Ananda Buddha Pujaniya Pagoda Festival was celebrated every year, but this year the Ananda Buddha Pujaniya Pagoda Festival was held with two programs of reciting and offering food. On the 11th day of the new Ash month, from January 21st to the 1st day of the full moon, there will be a non-stop reciting ceremony.



“This year, a summary will be held. There are no events like in previous years. There will be a ceremony to offer food and drink. It will be held for five days, from the 11th of the new moon of the ash 21st January to the full moon of the ash 25th January. The festival of alms-giving, people from all over Bagan Nyaung-oo came to offer alms. From 8 o’clock in the morning, the monks will offer food and then burn the offering. This year will be just that. We haven’t been able to hold any kind of festival like the past. The carts are no longer coming. I think they will come after the festival. Here, they used to come with their families for about a week, but now they don’t come because they are giving alms. They will come with cars, “said U Zaw Win Cho, a member of the Ananda Pagoda Board of Trustees.



This year’s Ananda Buddha Pujaniya Pagoda festival will be held for five days from the 11th day of the new Ash month to the full moon day. The members of the board of trustees Volunteers will attend.

In previous years, traditional Burmese pagoda festivals have been held every year in the Bagan ancient cultural area.

Ananda Pagoda is a Pagoda that was built by the remaining soldiers during the Pagan period, and is known as one of the most artistic Pagodas.

According to the statements of the residents, many carnivorous sinker fish have been found in the canals of Paw Township, so the residents are worried that the fish species will disappear.


Pound Township A local who fished in the creeks said that only three to four five fish were found in the creeks in Kung Hao village last year, but now more than 50 fish have been found.

He continued, “I have been seeing these fish for three or four years. Usually these fish are small, but if you catch them recently, the fish are twice as big as before. There is a situation where it is three times bigger. The length is about one foot. We found animals with a circumference of five inches,” he said.



An official from the township’s fish department said that sinker fish are carnivorous fish and are a type of fish with a fast spawning rate.

He continued, “Sink fish feed on each other. The rest of the fish can’t eat him. The fin is long and sharp. I can’t eat it because the scales are hard. If there are those sucker fish, there is a risk that the rest of the fish will become extinct,” he said.

Although these sinker fish are caught, they are released into the ambush because they don’t dare to eat them, so there may be a situation where the fish ecosystem may be damaged, and there are suggestions that plans should be drawn up and implemented to prevent the sinker fish from breeding and spreading.