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Burmese year 1385 It is said that on the full moon day (the day of Abhidhamma), a large number of pilgrims came to Mahamuni Pagoda, a famous pagoda in Mandalay.

In the early morning, after the facelift of the Mahamuni Movie Theater, the pilgrims offered gold robes, flower, oil lamp Donation of food There were many people who benefited by feeding bait addresses.

The full moon day is a special day for Myanmar people.

office holidays Since it is also a school holiday, Mandalay Mountain in Mandalay City, Goodness God They also went on pilgrimage to Kyawtaw Pagoda and other temples. Celebrating, Feeding the Buddha They make pilgrimages.

The festival of candle lighting is a festival dedicated to God. After the Lord preached the Abhidhamma sermon to his former mother, Santuthiha, along with all the demigods in the land of Thawatinthana, for the three months of Lent, on the day of the full moon, he descended from the top of Mt. Meymor to the land of Thakshanagor. Then the people of the country lit up the candlestick and offered to welcome the Lord. Named after it, during this season, Seme Tun Festival is celebrated all over Burma.




In this month, in addition to the lamp lighting ceremony, the Pawarana festival and the Abhidhamma festival are also held. The Pawarana festival is held only for monks who are not related to individuals.

The meaning of power is invitation; An apology.

Abhidhamma Festival means that the Lord has finished preaching the Abhidhamma to the old mother and son in Tawatintha during the three months of Lent. The full moon day of the week is designated as Abhidhamma Day and the Abhidhamma is recited.



It is reported that there were many pilgrims visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda on the day of the full moon (the day of Abhidhamma).

October 29 In the year 1385 of the Burmese year, on the day of the full moon (the day of Abhidhamma), a large number of pilgrims came to Shwedagon Pagoda.

At 5:30 a.m., from the time of dawn, offering breakfast to Shwedagon Pagoda; Question and answer questions about Abhidhamma Day. It is also reported that he received the virtues from the Awada monks of Shwedagon Pagoda.

Next, at Shwedagon Pagoda Square, at 9:30 a.m., the Lent ritual ceremony and the water pouring ceremony of the Buddha Pujaniya festivals during the Lent period were held.


In addition, at Shwedagon Pagoda, from the dawn of the morning, people offering food, Those who offer candles People who love flowers Donors of the Kanto festival, those who donate gold robes, Pilgrims Donors It was crowded with donors and the pagoda square was filled with pilgrims.



In addition, pilgrims from all over came to Shwedagon Pagoda in big and small cars.

On the full moon day of the year 1385 of Myanmar, October 29, 2023 is the most sacred occasion of the Burmese people.

It is stated in the scriptures that the holy month of Thitincut came to be when Lord Gautama preached the seven scriptures day and night as a reward to his mother, who was a deity in the land of Tawatimtha, for three months.

In addition to offering candles to the Lord Buddha, the month of Thitingut, parents, grandparents, kicking the elderly; holding lighting events; It is a busy month with the making of Satudithas.