Rough jade blocks to be shipped to China were seized in Wyandmao Township

According to the police, on September 28, the raw jade blocks that were going to be shipped to China were arrested in Wai Maw Township.

At the 13 Kilo Joint Checkpoint in Washiao Village, Wain Maw Township, they were able to arrest a man who was driving the vehicle and the vehicle. According to Wain Maw Township Police, they were carrying jade blocks in the middle and rear compartments of the car.

“All sizes, All sites. I am checking with relevant. Not because of advance news. Due to recent inspection. We are doing quality checks in connection with Yauk Jade office. The case has been opened,” said a police officer.

Regarding this incident, the driver who was carrying the jade was arrested (Pa) 94. According to section 51 (a) of the Gem Law, a case has been opened at Wai Maw City Police Station.

Although the State Administrative Council has announced that jade mining in the Phakant region has been halted, at present, large and small machines are still being illegally mined in various areas with good jade production.