16.02.2024 3D Presents

India’s Home Minister said on February 8 that he recommended and supported the suspension of the border free movement agreement with Myanmar as soon as possible.

Last year, after the fighting between the army and the opposition escalated in Myanmar, thousands of people fled from the Myanmar side.

India’s Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the process of canceling the agreement that allows people living in border areas to enter and exit neighboring countries for short trips without the need for a visa.

Many people living in the border areas of the two countries have close cultural and religious ties.

He said that it is necessary to ensure internal security and to maintain the population structure in the regions bordering Myanmar. Such border areas include India’s unstable state of Manipur.

The suspension of freedom of movement is key to controlling illegal migration and strengthening internal security, Manipur Chief Minister Enbir Singh said on February 8 via the X social network. He belongs to the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Since the Rakhine Army (AA) attacked security forces in November last year, clashes have often broken out in parts of Myanmar near the Indian border.

This week, fighting also broke out near the border with neighboring Bangladesh, and at least two people were killed on February 5 when they were hit by artillery shells during clashes.

India plans to build more than 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) of fencing along its border with Myanmar, Home Minister Amit Shah said last month.

“Prime Minister Modi’s government is determined to make the border region impenetrable,” he said on February 6.

Shah said that a road will be added to the border fence, and a 10-kilometer section of the Manipur state road has been completed.

India has fenced more than 2,000 km of its border with Pakistan and 3,100 km of border with Bangladesh, according to figures released by the Indian government in 2021.