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Bodhgaya Ground Grass is the sacred ground where all the Bodhisattvas bloomed. It is also the place of the philosophical meditation of God, who received the omniscience of gold and became a Buddha.

It is noted that the area around the area was called Uruvela before the Buddha’s time, and in the 13th century, the locals called it Bodh Gaya to distinguish it from Brahma Gaya (Vishnu’s shrine).

The Maha Bodhi Pagoda, located within the Bodh Gaya Precinct, is 48 feet tall and 100 feet tall. It was built and donated by King Ashoka, and there is a record that it was renovated once in 1990 AD.

The Mahabodhi Pagoda is the most famous pagoda in Bodh Gaya and the most sacred for Buddhist pilgrims. The pagoda is 100 meters high and has a bow shape.

It is said that Ashoka began to build and worship, but no remains of the original remains can be seen. The works and buildings of Buddhist culture are late works that have been gradually repaired and rebuilt many times, so it is not easy to determine the date and style of the art. However, according to the account of the Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsiang, who traveled in the 3rd century AD, she reached Bodhi in 637 AD.


In 1875, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar requested (8) items, including permission to prepare the Mahabodhi Pagoda and the permission to build a school, and they repaired it at a cost of hundreds of thousands. According to records, the image of the Mahabodhi Pagoda seen now is the merit of King Mintoon and is the work of Indian stone masons.

U.S. Army General Charles Brown and Chinese Army General Luiz Li held talks on Dec. 21, a U.S. official said.



The top military officials held such talks after the top-level defense talks between the United States and China have been suspended for more than a year.

China halted summit-level military talks with the US at the end of 2022 in a show of dismay over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

But when U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met last month, they agreed to resume those talks.


Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brown, to maintain the opening of communication channels between the two countries. To avoid misunderstanding situations; Responsibility They discussed the importance of working together for responsible competition, said Capt. Jeriel Dawsel, a spokesman for the U.S. military.

Daw Tse said Brown reiterated the importance of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s participation in effective discussions to reduce potential misunderstandings.

The two military leaders are said to have discussed global and regional security issues during the talks held via video link.

China reacted angrily to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022, and the climate issue with the United States. It suspended cooperation on key issues, including anti-narcotics and military talks, and held its largest military drills near the island of Taiwan.


China has declared Taiwan one of its borders and has said it will use force to control it if necessary, and has angrily criticized formal interactions between Taiwan and foreign governments.

Taiwan has faced increasing pressure from China in recent years, seeing an increase in Chinese military activity near the island.


Also on Dec. 18, a Chinese hot air balloon was detected passing through the center line of the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from mainland China, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said.

The incident was the third in a month that Taiwan had detected Chinese hot air balloons.

The possibility that China could use balloons for reconnaissance became a global issue after the United States shot down a Chinese balloon in February.

The U.S. said the Chinese balloon it shot down was a reconnaissance balloon, but China said the balloon was a civilian balloon that accidentally went astray.