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20.02.2023 – 24.02.2023 A Tate Papers A Pine (2)

financial institutions; Money invested in all non-financial businesses and professional professions; Daw Than Than Swe, Chairman of the Central Bank of Myanmar, said that it is necessary to take serious action to ensure that money laundering perpetrators are not involved in capital. Banks non-bank financial institutions; mobile financial services; Companies engaged in collection and clearing services on behalf of the...

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30.01.2023 – 03.02.2023 A Tate Papers A Pine (2)

“The Third Event (Possible Good Out of Bad Environment)” After the Russia-Ukraine war, the energy fuel insecurity problem faced by many countries, including the European region, has spread to many other countries. All the countries of the world are making urgent efforts to ensure energy and fuel self-sufficiency. They are trying to find new possible energy fuel sources. On the...

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