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Compared to the US dollar, many countries in the world consider that there is no alternative currency that can be widely accepted and used with confidence. The US dollar is free and open, existence of a flexible financial market; the free movement of capital; Legal security for investors; Due to circumstances, the currency king as the world’s reserve currency

still above the throne. No need to look far. not sure Even during the last year of 2022, when many uncertainties occurred, it was once again portrayed as a secure heaven.

See Yuan, the Chinese currency. The emergence of the yuan as a global currency is not as easy as it seems. China’s central bank’s yuan-fixing and capital controls are a major impediment. A global reserve currency stance and capital controls are not possible at the same time. Individuals or companies making international investments will also not be able to accept currency regulated by a relevant central bank at an exchange rate set in accordance with their currency stability procedure. He realized that the situation was very dangerous. So is the Russian currency, the ruble. capital controls; Under a limited financial system, the legal security of the investor is questionable.



Internationally accepted world reserve currency, Becoming an international currency is not easy. independent stable, There are things to think about, such as transparent legislation and investors’ safety. Compared to the Chinese yuan, the Japanese yen Euros and British pounds are used more in international transactions. Swiss franc The Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar are also world reserve currencies to some extent. If China wants to make efforts to develop its yuan as an international currency, “To what extent can open and free market systems be applied?” It will initially try to answer questions such as “How can a limited and controlled financial system be adjusted and transformed into a balanced global financial system?”


The basic function of a currency written in textbooks is a tool of exchange; accounting unit; that which stores value; There are more factors to consider than actions such as setting a standard that can be paid at some point in the future.


One could also ask the question, “Does Europe’s euro also pose a threat to the US dollar?” They consider that the situation in 2022 has proven impossible. Although the euro remains a strong currency widely used in the European Union, member states of the European Union may at one point or another have reason to leave the European Monetary Union. Therefore, in the long run, with the political unpredictability of the euro, it is considered that even its sustainability may be at risk.


Another thing to consider is gold metal. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Digital currencies must also be considered as a global payment system. As stated in “Choice in Currency (1976)” written by Austrian-born British economist Hayate, people do not like, On the assumption that a currency without trust should be freely rejected, a future global currency in a free world could be interesting in many ways.

At Thailand’s Singkhun Gate, jellyfish salt soaks and fish ice soaks will be allowed back if they are cleanly traded in a new packaging style.

This month, the Thai side warned that the border gate will be temporarily closed due to bad odors and lack of cleanliness in the exchange of goods at the Singkhon border gate in Thailand’s Prakat Khiriyuk district, which trades with Mautaung town in Myeik district.


Thailand mainly buys the jellyfish that appear seasonally in the sea of the Myeik Islands. It is known that the import and export of raw ice has to be carried out.

“The worst thing is the jellyfish trade.” The Thai staff on duty at the border gate went to the district governor. Jellyfish appeared in the sea once after three years. The shipping period is only three months, so we can ship to customers as soon as possible. Jellyfish can be soaked in a mixture of coarse salt and coarse ice. There, sewage seeps through the No Man’s Land border gate. Burmese traders and workers do not take the waste plastic back. He dropped it somewhere nearby. That’s where the problem comes from. The district minister’s office told their traders as a warning. I will allow you to return if you trade with plastic packaging. But we will watch,” said a person who trades in Maw Taung.

The jellyfish to be exported to the customs gate must be brought in double plastic bags from the Myanmar side. He said that he will monitor whether it is clean or not. Jellyfish salt soaks and ice soaks, which have bad odors, will continue to be allowed to be packaged in a double thick clear plastic bag. Shipping companies that provide document services have presented the issue of clean trade to the district governor, and the district governor’s office will monitor it. It is known that the Thai side has issued a statement that the district minister’s office will monitor whether the exchange of goods is clean.

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