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Schools across the country were closed on November 25 to prevent the spread of Ebola, despite Uganda’s health minister insisting that new cases of the disease had fallen.

The order to close schools two weeks before the end of the school year was announced earlier this month after eight children died from Ebola.


But in recent weeks, the capital city of Kampala and the epicenters of Mubandi and Kassandra have seen a decrease in new Ebola cases, Health Minister James Ruth Ann said.

“For Uganda, the main success in the fight against Ebola is that the community has learned that Ebola is a deadly disease and that people die because of it,” he said.

“We would like to urge the public to be vigilant and cooperate with health organizations. If we win this battle, it is a sign that Uganda has won,” he added.

Uganda’s WHO office said in a statement on November 24 that there were no new cases in Kampala for nine days up to November 22, Mubandi for 10 days and Kassanda for 12 days.


According to the Ugandan authorities, who imposed lockdowns in Mubandi and Kassanda, 55 of the 141 cases of Ebola have died.

curfew orders; Measures were announced, including travel bans and the closure of markets, bars and churches.


A parent of a student from a school in the city of Kampala said, “I think it is really necessary to close schools early because of the Ebola situation in our country. This situation is not guaranteed, so I believe it would be safer for children to stay with us instead of staying at school,” he said.


Since the outbreak of Ebola in Mubandi was announced on September 20, the disease has spread rapidly throughout Uganda, including the capital Kampala. However, the president said there was no need to lock down the entire country.

Ebola can be transmitted through body fluids and can cause high fever, Vomiting Hemorrhage and diarrhea are common.Ebola infections are difficult to control in urban environments. People infected with the disease are not able to transmit the disease to others until they develop symptoms.

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