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The low pressure area has reached a depression and will not move towards Myanmar, so it has been assigned a yellow level. Due to the speed of the depression, strong winds and rainfall may occur in the regions and provinces, according to the statement of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology on November 20.

According to the statement, the Well Marked Low Pressure Area (Well Marked Low Pressure Area) in the southern Bay of Bengal has moved to the west-northwest and has become stronger, and has reached a depression in the southwestern Bay of Bengal and the associated southern Bay of Bengal. The Depression hit Myanmar, About 515 nautical miles southwest of Coco Island. About 620 nautical miles southwest of Hainggyikyun. Sri Lanka About 330 nautical miles east of Jaffna and India. It is said that it is centered on the sea about 355 nautical miles east-southeast of Chennai.


The current condition of the depression is set to yellow level as there is no condition to move towards Myanmar. The maximum wind speed of the depression is about 30 miles per hour. The depression may continue to slowly move west-northwestward and over India in the next 48 hours. Tamil Nadu-Pudu cherry and Andhra Pradesh are expected to reach near the southern coast.


Due to the speed of the depression, from the morning of November 20th to the 21st, there were scattered and fragmented areas in Tanintharyi Region and Shan State (southern and eastern). Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay Region Bago Region Yangon Region Irrawaddy Region Chin State Kayah State In Karen State and Mon State, it is reported that there may be scattered showers and thunderstorms.


Along the coast of Myanmar and in the offshore seas, there are sometimes strong winds and moderate to large waves. During strong winds, surface/land winds can reach 30 to 35 miles per hour. The wave height along the coast of Myanmar and in the offshore sea may be about seven to nine feet.


Therefore, due to the speed of the depression, strong winds and rains. Thunderstorms may occur, so be careful and avoid domestic flights. Along the coast of Myanmar and in the offshore seas near the shore, longshore fishing vessels; Moe Zala has informed the ships to be aware in advance.

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