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According to South African researchers, the risk of hospitalization due to the disease can be reduced by 60 percent if the vaccination is completed.

Dr. Shali Koli, chief health analyst at Discovery Health in Johannesburg, South Africa, said that the risk of being hospitalized due to Covid-19 can be reduced by up to 72 percent for those who do moderate physical activity after vaccination.

Nearly 200,000 health care workers aged 18 and over were made to wear health monitoring devices and did physical exercise in relation to vaccine effectiveness. Those who exercise less than 60 minutes a week, those who exercise moderately. Those who spend more than 150 minutes It is known that they were identified as active practitioners and compared.


According to a report on October 28, experts warned that covid vaccines may cause menstrual problems in women. The European Medicines Agency (EMA-Euroup Medical Agency) warned and recommended that this point be added to the list of potential side effects.

“First, Pfizer’s Cominaty vaccine and Moderna’s Spivax vaccine. The agency issued the statement, citing a statement from the Drug Safety Committee, which said it had received reports of women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding after receiving the second and additional vaccines.


“The benefits of covid vaccines outweigh the negatives,” the safety committee emphasized. After reviewing the data, it was published that there is a reasonably low probability that menstrual bleeding is related to the covid vaccine. These side effects have prompted the (EMA) to include the product information of the two mRNA vaccines. “There is no evidence that the irregular periods experienced by some people have any effect on fertility and fertility,” he said.

Hong Kong’s finance chief is expected to miss the World Banking Summit in Hong Kong after it was revealed on October 27 that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). The city’s authorities are eager for an international financial conference to show that formerly isolated Hong Kong is open for business, with Secretary Paul Chiang scheduled to address a conference of about 200 members and 30 major financial institutions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


In China’s Tibetan capital, Lhasa, hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against the restrictions imposed by the virus, a rare demonstration in the tightly controlled region. The city of “Lhasa” has been on lockdown for nearly three months in compliance with China’s strategy to eliminate the virus. Lhasa The rules, which have sparked rare protests since the lockdown in cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai, have led to complaints that many Q-quarantine facilities face food shortages and basic necessities. Douyin: On social media, hundreds of people, who appear to be mostly Han Chinese migrant workers, protested in the streets of Lhasa on October 26 and shared videos demanding to be allowed to return home. They were quickly removed from social media.


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