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January 4, 2023 Regarding matters to be awarded on the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day, on March 27, 2022, for the first time, a bachelor’s degree. Nine Sri Kuchi degrees, Five Zeya Kyaw Tin degrees, A total of 880 people, including 45 people with the degree of calligraphy, are set to be awarded. For the second time, on April 17, 2022, on the 1st day of the Myanmar New Year, honorary degree medals, It has already been released about the capabilities.

In the announcement, three Agama Sri Sudharma degrees, Two of the degrees of Thato Sri Sudharma, It has been announced that a total of 146 people, including five Agha Maha Raathu degrees and five Thato Maha Raathu degrees, will be awarded on the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day on January 4, 2023 in a state-level ceremony. Now again, you deserve to be praised. The Deputy Chairman of NAS said that the rest of those who deserve to be promoted will be further verified.


China reported its highest daily number of new COVID-19 infections in six months on Nov. 6, a day after health officials said they would continue to enforce strict coronavirus restrictions that disappointed investors who had been hoping for relaxations.

China reported 4,610 new daily infections on November 5, the highest daily rate since May 6, including 588 symptomatic infections and 4,022 asymptomatic infections, according to the National Health Commission.


In the city of Beijing, 43 people were infected with symptoms and six people were found to be infected without symptoms, he said. On November 5, which recorded the highest daily virus infection rate, 3,817 people were infected per day, of which 657 were symptomatic.

Although the current infection rate is very low by global standards, China has implemented policies to contain the virus during the nearly three years of the pandemic, including lockdowns, quarantines, frequent inspections and a sharp reduction in domestic travel.


At a press conference on November 5, health officials reiterated their commitment to aggressively control and clean up any new cases of COVID-19 once they are detected.

“China’s anti-coronavirus plans are comprehensive, cost-effective and effective. We should follow the principle of putting people’s lives first. Also, this is a broad strategy to prevent infections coming in from abroad,” said Hushan, the disease control official.


China’s stocks rose last week on rumors of a potential easing of COVID-19 restrictions and media reports that some policy changes could be imminent.

But many analysts say significant easing is unlikely to begin before China’s parliamentary session in March. China is also planning to scrap a system that penalizes airlines that bring the virus into the country, Bloomberg reported.


Over 56 percent of transportation group costs in one year; According to the Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rate released by the Central Statistics Agency, the price of food products increased by more than 17 percent.

In June 2021, food group 182.39; There were 152.88 non-food groups and 125.06 transportation groups. In June 2022, food groups had 213.48. Non-food group 1884.69; There were 192.84 transportation groups.


According to the national consumer price index and inflation analysis released for June 2022, the food group increased by 17.04 percent compared to June 2021. 23.42 percent of the non-food group; The transportation group rose by 56.59 percent.

“I want a rice in my shop and sell it. Wanted to sell two. Those who can’t even buy a single rice, buy two when they are about to eat one meal. They came to buy three. Sometimes two cans of rice milk, There are people who come to buy only one when they can’t even buy three. What has gotten worse lately is that they come to buy the oil for 200. 200, with the price of oil in previous years I sold it for 300. Now the price of 10 oil is 1000 and it is worth 200. I can’t sell it for 300 anymore. 1000 per hole, 700 in the empty bakery area, 1000 in tea shops, A bag of Shwebo Popsan is one hundred thousand. “Last year’s price and this year’s price are double. It’s all just price hikes,” said a grocery store owner in Thing Gyun District.


In June 2022, the consumer price index (CPI) was 203.18, a 19.42 percent increase over the consumer price index in June 2021. In June 2022, the consumer price index (CPI) reached 203.18, which is 19.42 percent higher than the consumer price index in June 2021. If you look at the country’s consumer price index calculated with the base year of 2012, it gradually rose from 150.13 in March 2019 to 161.72 in December 2019.


In January 2020, it was 161.33. It was 160.98 in June and 162.94 in December. 162.53 occurred in January 2021.

170.13 in June 2021; 171.63 in July, 172.92 in August; 174.97 in September; 179.20 in October; 181.72 in November; It rose as high as 183.51 in December. 184.89 in January 2022; In February, the consumer price index for the whole country was 186.82. 192.71 in March 196.01 in April 199.31 in May In June, it reached 203.18.


Based on the base year of 2012, if we look at the consumer price index of the whole country from June 2018 to June 2020, it gradually increased from 150.13 in March 2019 to 161.72 in December 2019. However, since January 2020, food group prices have gradually declined, reaching 160.12 in May. However, as it reached 160.98 in June 2020, it rose slightly compared to the previous month.

Food groups for calculating the national consumer price index; Tobacco and Beverage Group; clothes House rent and maintenance fee group; Household equipment and maintenance expenses group; health group transport group; communication group; Recreation and Culture Group; academic group external food group; general merchandise group; It is reported that the collection was divided into groups such as non-food group.

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