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Chairman of the State Planning and Administration Council, said that plans are being made to build a sea port and an international airport in Mawlam Myain, Mon State. On October 18, small businesses in Mon State General Min Aung Hlaing added the above during a meeting with MSME entrepreneurs at the State Hall in Mawlamyine.

Indonesian authorities found similar ingredients in 102 cough drops found in the homes of children suffering from AKI, Budi said. It was announced on October 19 that the prescription and over-the-counter sales of all syrup-based medicines will be banned. In Indonesia, the majority of AKI cases this year are among children under the age of five, according to data released by the Ministry of Health.


Before the recent spike in AKI cases, the ministry said it was seeing two to five cases of AKI per month. After the health authorities tested the antidote imported from Singapore, some AKI patients recovered, and the antidote will be purchased in order to distribute it throughout Indonesia, he added. Indian authorities recently ordered an immediate halt to all drug production at Maiden Pharmaceuticals’ facility. The Gambia has also announced that the ingredients in the children’s fever medicine are being analysed.


In September 2022, more than 66,000 tons of rice and broken rice were exported, and more than 15,490 tons of rice were exported to European countries, according to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Over 24,370 tons of rice worth $9.704 million were exported from sea trade during the month from December 1st to 30th.


said In September, more than 8,870 tons of rice were exported to Asian countries. Exported more than 15,490 tons of sand to European countries.

In September, more than 3,200 tons of rice worth $1.207 million were sent to China and 70 tons of rice was also exported to Thailand. As for the export of broken rice, 20180 tons of broken rice worth $7.209 million were exported from maritime trade in September, and more than 18410 tons of broken rice worth $6.400 million were exported to China from border trade.


In September, more than 27,640 tons of rice and 38,590 tons of broken rice were exported through sea and border trade, bringing the total export of rice and broken rice to 66,330 tons. In the 12 months from January to the end of December 2021, rice and broken rice exports earned $687.2 million, according to a statement from the Ministry of Planning and Finance.


In 2021, monthly income from export of rice and broken rice was 96.2 million dollars in January. $45 million in February; $42.4 million in March; $47.5 million in April; $72.8 million in May; In June, 74.7 million won $18 million in July; $18.8 million in August; $38.2 million in September; $56.2 million in October; $72.2 million in November and $105.1 million in December for a total of $687.2 million.

In the fiscal year 2019-2020, rice exports to foreign countries decreased, but as the export of broken rice increased, the income was more than 84 million dollars more than the same period of the previous year.

According to the Ministry of Electric Power, an agreement was signed with a Russian electric company for the implementation of the development of the Mid-Yonglong hydroelectric power plant.

Union Minister U Thaung Han of the Ministry of Electricity and Union Minister of the Ministry of Energy U Myo Myint Oo, who attended the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow, Russia, met the group of Inter RAO-Export \ General Director, Mr. Alexey Yakovle v, one of Russia’s main electricity producing companies.


After this meeting, as a matter of friendship between the two countries, they signed a Notice to Proceed (NTP) to start working with PTG Energy for the implementation of the Middle Sumalong Hydropower Development Plan, and negotiated for the speedy implementation of the project.

The Mid-Lang Laung project is a project to build an RCC concrete dam on the Laung Laung River, about 20 miles northeast of Pyin Mana, and generate 530.4 million kilowatt hours.


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