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Vegetable oil can no longer be bought in stores as much as needed, and companies are also unable to distribute to stores. It is known from inside the market that palm oil prices are also rising.

Since the end of July, the companies distributing vegetable oils have been distributing to the stores through a distribution system, but since last week, the companies have learned that they are no longer able to distribute.


“Last month, companies sold quotas. A small shop If the shop is big, two patches, Three patches. If they distribute this week, they pick up the order on Monday. This week, my brother’s shop told me to get a patch of six. It was on sale last month. At the beginning of August, the quota system disappeared. They don’t take orders anymore. If I call, I will contact you as soon as the item arrives,” said Ko Aung Soe, the owner of Shwe Hintha Food Store in East Dagon Township.


The prices are also rising, and despite the price increase, the main difficulty for the shops is that there are no items to sell, according to market insiders.

“If the price is tuna, the price is thirty and fifty thousand. This is a five liter bottle. In May, the current price is around twenty thousand. Now, even if you pay 250,000 to buy it outside, you can’t get it. The main thing I want to say is that I don’t want to say whether the price has gone up or not. You don’t have to be afraid of the price going up. Now there is no material. I can’t buy or sell,” Ko Aung Soe continued.


In addition, supermarkets, A shopper at a supermarket said that some shopping centers are selling vegetable oil only with a quota system.

“It is written that only one person can buy a five liter bottle. If you take more, you won’t add it to the bill at the counter,” he said.


Similarly, the price of palm oil for domestic consumption has also risen to 9,000 kyats per pound, and market insiders say that they are not able to buy enough.


“The price of palm oil outside now is above 9,000. Even so, not every shop can buy it,” said a housewife in Tha Keta Township.

The Myanmar Oil Industry Association said prices, In crowded places, edible oil is being sold for only 3,700 kyat per bottle, and people are seen lining up to buy it in such places.

On August 10th, he received the Thai broker’s information and credentials from his Burmese interpreter, and continued to question the Thai broker and contacted the Ranang Labor Embassy officer. After verifying the details of the incident on August 11, at 5:30 p.m., the labor ambassador’s office announced that the labor ambassador’s office contacted the department and met with the workers.

The labor consul’s office announced that they will continue to provide legal protection and assistance to the workers as much as possible, and if there are any difficulties, they can contact the consul’s office in Bangkok / Ranong.

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