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In Malaysia, the Burmese social assistance association (Malaysia) reported that the condition of the children who were being treated as inpatients has improved after the Burmese father committed suicide by throwing his three children off a bridge.

“Due to loving prayers from all over the world, breathing has returned to normal and oxygen has been removed,” Myanmar Social Aid Association announced.

The child who survived was three years old and underwent surgery on August 5 for a broken leg caused by a fall. The child’s mother met the child.

On the morning of August 2, three children were first thrown from the bridge of the MRR2 highway. After that, the father jumped off the bridge and planned to commit suicide. As a result of this suicide attempt, two children and their father were killed, and a five-year-old child was seriously injured, according to The Star, a news agency based in Malaysia.

Sentul police chief Beh Eng Lai said the 38-year-old man and two other children died on the spot due to the suicide attempt, while another child was seriously injured and taken to Salayang Hospital for further treatment, according to the report.

According to witnesses, at 5:50 a.m. before the incident, a Burmese man was seen walking holding children by the hand, the report quoted witnesses as saying. The police chief said that the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code and the public is being asked to provide information.

The deceased were a Chin family from Myanmar, whose father was U Cholei, eight-year-old daughter Vadetisoh; Six-year-old son Vabiechose. May all family members receive God’s care and reach heaven, Myanmar Social Assistance Association (Malaysia) released a news release. The deceased father and two children were buried on August 4.

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