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In Sri Lanka, protesters stormed the residence of President Guterres on July 9, announcing his resignation on July 13.

Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic crisis, and the Rajapaksa government’s’s corruption and corruption have escalated into public discontent, followed by months of protests on July 9.

Food in the country Sri Lanka, which has developed in recent years due to a shortage of medicine and fuel, has hit the economy hard, leaving the grassroots struggling to make ends meet, with tens of thousands protesting in Colombo demanding Rajapaksa take responsibility for the situation.

Protesters stormed the gates of the colonial-era presidential palace, which filled the halls of the palace, with some playing in the pool inside the palace and others carrying Rajapaksa clothes.

“The president has said he will step down on July 13 to ensure a peaceful transition,” said Speaker Mahinda Abivadana.

Rajapaksa’s office on the coast was also raided by protesters, and protesters set fire to the prime minister’s home, despite Prime Minister Raneliddh Kresin-hee announcing his resignation. At the time, Wickre Singh-hee was not at the prime minister’s house.


Soldiers fired their guns into the air to help Rajapaksa escape during the raid on the presidential palace. Rajapaksa then fled to a safe southern Sri Lankan waters with a naval vessel.

Rajapaksa, 73, has since announced his resignation. His brother, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has resigned as prime minister following protests across the country in May.

At least 105 people were hospitalized at the Hospital, which were undergoing more than 50 journalists in Kumilan, and the injured were still underweight in July 9.

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