30.5.2022 – 03.06.2022 (A Tate Papers A Pine 2)

As the first step in the production of electric locomotives, the Prime Minister Sr. Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, Chairman of the State Administrative Council, said on May 27 that the government should try to develop diesel locomotives and conduct research on electric trains. He said this during a visit to the Locomotive Factory (Insein).

The railway system is one of the main transportation systems of a country. In carrying out the repair work of locomotives, it is necessary to systematically record the process of repair work with documentary photos. From the time of purchase of locomotives, the use and maintenance of locomotives need to be kept with complete historical records for each locomotive. The locomotives are of great value and need to be optimized for maintenance and capacity building, he said.

In addition to the current use of electric trains in the international arena, it is necessary to make efforts to run electric trains in our country as well. Therefore, it is necessary to study the international technology to produce electric locomotives required for the operation of electric trains and to make efforts to build diesel electric locomotives (DEMU) locomotives by combining locally produced materials and materials to be purchased from abroad.

Preparations need to be made to run from diesel locomotives to electric trains (EMU). At present, there are diesel electric trains running on the Yangon Ring Road, and research is needed to run electric trains in our country.

Through that, it is necessary to make step-by-step efforts to run electric trains to key areas across the country. It is necessary to have good locomotives and carriages as well as to make the railways systematic and smooth. Min Aung Hlaing said that the locomotive factory (Insein) should conduct research and development from small locomotives to upgrade and operate large locomotives, as the main goal is to run the locomotives nationwide.

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