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A total of 5,335 Burmese migrant workers, who had difficulty finding work during the COVID-19 epidemic lockdown in Shweli, China, officially returned from the Muse border checkpoint in 27 days.

Shweli, China  The repatriation of Burmese nationals was reported to Burmese authorities in Muse-Shweli-Kyi Gaung after the Burmese government and the Burmese authorities agreed to the repatriation of Burmese nationals stranded during the lockdown due to the discovery of COVID-19 in Wintin.



According to the Humanitarian Aid Network (Muse), Burmese nationals who were facing difficulties in accepting Burmese migrant workers in accordance with the Myanmar-China COVID agreement were allowed to return from the official exit of the two countries from July 26 to August 21, according to the Humanitarian Aid Network (Muse).

“Officials from both countries coordinated and were welcomed by Myanmar officials,” he said. Starting today (August 21) at 8:30 am, 235 men, A total of 461 226 women returned. To date, 2,778 Myanmar men and 2,557 women have returned to the country, for a total of 5,335. There are people who will return tomorrow if they are handed over by China. Many in Jeju, China and Shweli in Wanding are also returning, ”said Ko Htay, chairman of the Humanitarian Aid Network (Muse).


The Burmese nationals are being repatriated based on Chinese repatriation, according to the Repatriation Team.

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