December, when Christmas carols were silenced

Christmas carols fly with the dew in the autumn at the foot of the mountain. From December 1 (Sweet December), Christmas carols began to play.

Our small town is Chin. Burmans and Hindus;  It is a small town where Muslims live together, so religious festivals are all-inclusive. Especially during the Christmas season. car, Tricycles Motorcycles lined up to sing Carol Singing has become a winter fashion. Carol Singing includes not only Christian homes but also the homes of friends of various religions living in Kalemyo. This Christmas in December, the word “Mary Christmas” is being shouted at by everyone in our town. Currently, I have been to Kalemyo twice as a Stay at Home. The COVID-19 epidemic also caused a high incidence in Kalemyo during the Christmas period, so Christmas carols were silenced on the streets of Kalemyo.

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