Local factories closed and around 10,000 workers were unemployed

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Due to a shortage of raw material due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the factory closed from January to March 9, leaving about 16 factories with about 10,000 unemployed workers.

“With the factory in Ayeyarwady Division, around 10,000 people are unemployed,” said Khy Kha, a member of the Union Cooperation Committee. Closed factories are often closed indefinitely. There are also companies that are bankrupt. Relocation; And there are factories that are not well established. The current situation is alarming, ”he told The Irrawaddy.

Currently, in Hlaing Tharyar Township, foreign-owned factories, such as Perfect Gain Garment Mill, are operating in the same township. Asia Fasion Garment Factory Wan Gee development Yi Fan Garment Myanmar Garment Factory Lucky Sky Bag Myanmar Bag Factory Huaxin Time Garment Factory Hunter Garment Factory; New Way Shoes Su Xing Garment Factory Sinoproud Garment Factory and 12 Myanmar-owned Great Well-2 shoe factories have been closed.

Moun tain Top Shoe Factory in Wattatha Industrial Estate in Shwepyithar Township Handmade Garment Factory The Myanmar Royal Appollo Garment Factory has closed, and the Ayeyarwady Division of Kan Gyi Division has reported that the factory has just 16 factories.

These factories have been shut down and shut down. Temporary closure; Relocation; Reducing labor force; There are also factories that are fleeing from the factory owners.

“After the workers, they have their families. Since they are domestic migrant workers, they have their livelihood. This applies to the lives of the working class. Therefore, it is necessary to urge the government to undertake a systematic survey of the unemployed population. ”

After the survey, the Department of Labor had to work hard to get employees back to work, he said.

If this is not possible at the moment, it can be taken from the state of emergency management funds. Ms Khick points out that support for the lives of other vulnerable workers should be started.

The government also needs to control the rising food prices. When the plant closes, temporary or temporary. The procedure, whether closed or closed According to trade unions, there is an urgent need for the department to ensure that workers are not compliant with labor laws.

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