What is the case with the rotavirus virus?

Water-based paper has become an unimaginable storage for people who are worried about the outbreak of the Corona virus.

In Australia, major supermarkets are restricted to toilet paper rolls per person. In Japan, paper towels are woven into public toilets. In Hong Kong, armed robbers loot a paper towel sent to a supermarket.

Other home appliances such as pesticides; Tissue paper and essential rice and prawns are also a bargain item, but the price of toilet paper has caused a lot of controversy in the supermarket chain and has become a joke on social media.

As a result of this high demand, it is a natural response of consumers and sellers to deal with the depletion and anxiety of high prices. Psychologists say it is not surprising that water is scarce when going home.

“When we buy things, things that are close to the body are very comfortable. Whether it’s food or not. It can also be used as an ointment for the body. Right now, it’s water-based paper, ”says Melbourne-based psychologist Adam Fury, who specializes in consumer behavior.

“They make big purchases because it feels like the size of a toilet paper roll. It makes me feel like I’m doing something myself. It causes a sense of need for control. When you buy a large quantity of toilet paper, it may seem that you have accumulated it. It just makes you feel more in control of yourself. ”

Photographs posted on social networks show that many buyers from Asia have seized all the goods on the shelves this week, carting carts full of merchandise and going to the checkout counter.

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