The Chindwin and Ayeyarwady River will be protected by waterway and coastal protection

The Chindwin River and Ayeyarwady River will be used to improve waterway and coastal protection in Sagaing region.

Kyaw Soe, deputy director of the Department of Water Resources and the Department of Water Resources, Sagaing Region, said: “The waterway and river protection activities are increasing every year. Sagaing Division has a key role in transportation. The Chindwin River and the Ayeyarwady River. And there are rivers that flow into the river. ”

The money will be spent on union funds, including the capital of the regional government, including the state budget, according to the department.

Mining activities; Coastal protection activities; Sand mining; Quarrying and quarrying; It is expected that the project will be undertaken in the fiscal year this year, with a total of 9547.5 million kyats.

The offshore protection works will be conducted in the Chindwin River and the Ayeyarwady River in 14 townships. Baby Your boss It is not enough. It is a good thing. Colin! The men of Kiriath Jearim Khamti: Sagaing Tampa How do you do? Monywa And Shwebo Townships.

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Kyaw Soe said that the Sagaing Region’s development of the transport sector and the rapid flow of freight are undertaken annually to improve the waterway.

“There is still a lot we can do in Sagaing,” he said. There are no major finances. Each year, he has to do more than the current amount of money available. Last year, we were able to do just about 270 jobs, ”he said.

The Chindwin River is so draining due to the low water in summer that the river changes rapidly and the water is clogged. Chins are often carried by boat and are trying to navigate the waterway.

Htoo Gyi, a cargo ship captain, said: “Our line is mainly focused on shipping. Over the past 10 years, navigation has been a regular occurrence in the summer. If unsure, try a small board and open the waterway. If you are unfamiliar with it, you will be left behind. ”

Similarly, gold and silver are being collected from gold mining along the river bank. Disposal of sediment in the river affects the flow and flow of water in rivers.

The waterway works will be focused on the Chindwin River. Waterway Apartment for sale in Ahlone Monywa waterway; The project is funded by the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise, and is funded by the Union Budget for the fiscal year 2017-2020.

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Deputy Director Kyaw Soe said: “As long as gold mining operations are underway in the drainage area of ​​the Chindwin River, it is affecting the river. Likewise, drainage is changing the river, so much maintenance is needed. Therefore, if the people cooperate with the concerned departments, the Chindwin River will be saved, ”he said.

The lack of a good waterway in the Chindwin River is due to the accumulation of wastewater from the gold mining operations upstream, resulting in river changes and deforestation and environmental degradation. Due to changes in soil conditions.

In addition, the loss of water means erosion, erosion and droughts. Shoreline instability; It is not a place to dig, but sand; It is because of the changes in the behavior of the water, such as dredging and dredging.

Landslides occur most often during the rainy season, with the exception of village lands and villages. Home Agricultural land According to the Department of Water Resources and Rivers, the Department of Water Resources and Rivers said that priority was given to the loss of buildings due to the annual loss of buildings.

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