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More than 500 Burmese workers in Mae Sot, Thailand, have been denied access to medical treatment for the virus


More than 500 Burmese workers at factories in Mae Sot Township on the other side of the Thaung River on the Burmese-Thai border have been infected with COVID-19 but have not been allowed to receive medical treatment in hospitals.

According to a statement issued by the Thai Ministry of Health on 27 June, any migrant worker can be taken to any hospital in Thailand. It is learned that they will not be allowed to receive treatment in clinics.

“The first wave of COVID-19 in Thailand; During the second wave, necessary health education and training were provided. Preparations were weak. People who have lost their jobs. There was a lack of care for Burmese migrant workers who were laid off. Humanitarianism was weak. Now the third wave of Kovis is infected. This situation also coincides with Thai political instability. The announcement was made by the Thai Health Ministry on June 27. No migrant workers will be admitted to hospitals and clinics in Thailand. Human rights activists have objected, but no reforms have taken place. At a time when space is scarce for Thais, it means that care cannot be provided for other citizens. Infected patients should be kept at home. Or we have to download and monitor the road, ”said Moe Kyo.

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