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Authorities on April 22 warned residents in many areas, including Bangkok, to avoid going out due to extreme temperatures in Thailand.

This month, temperatures in some Asian countries have reached record levels, and temperatures have been severe in some parts of Asia.

Extreme temperatures in parts of Bangladesh and India have sent electricity consumption skyrocketing, causing power outages and power outages for millions.

Two Indian states, Tripura and West Bengal, ordered schools to remain closed this week as temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius.

In Bangkok’s Bangna district, the temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius, while the heat index, which compares the amount of humidity in the air to the feeling of temperature, was 54 degrees Celsius, according to the Meteorological Department.


Authorities warned residents not to move around in open spaces and to be aware of the risk of heatstroke.

“Sometimes I have to go into a 7-11 store to escape the heat,” said Ampon Supa Sat, 67, a fried chicken seller in Bangkok.


Thailand’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department said temperatures will exceed 40 degrees Celsius in at least 28 provinces on April 22.



In Thailand on April 6th, the countrywide electricity consumption exceeded 39,000 megawatts, breaking the electricity consumption record due to recent extreme temperatures. The previous record was set in April last year, when electricity consumption was 32,000 megawatts, government spokesperson Anucha Burapa Chaisri said.

“This is happening because of climate change. This phenomenon can be called bad weather,” Mathini Yucharoan, a climate change and oceanography researcher at Prince of Songkhla University, told Reuters.

Meteorologists in India Thailand In Myanmar, temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius and Bangladesh Laos Vietnam Nepal Temperatures as high as 42 to 43 degrees Celsius have also been recorded in China. These are temperatures that most of the countries have not experienced for decades.

In addition, experts warned that Asia will face warmer days ahead.

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