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After February 2021, Indonesia is the country that has been the most active among the ASEAN countries to discuss and find a solution to the Myanmar issue.

Indonesia’s foreign minister once said that he was going to and fro between different organizations called ‘shuttle diplomacy’ to find a solution to the Myanmar issue.



The Indonesian Foreign Minister, who has been called the representative of the diplomats, will serve as the ASEAN rotating chairman’s special representative for Myanmar.



Because it is difficult to negotiate with Nasa, Indonesia’s foreign minister also told Brunei, International affairs analysts consider that it is likely to be difficult in resolving the Myanmar issue, just like Cambodian diplomats.


At present, the Myanmar side is in a fragile situation. You can see why by looking at the immediate response to the Indonesian Foreign Minister’s statement on January 11.


Therefore, the challenges ahead for the Indonesian Foreign Minister, who will serve as the ASEAN Special Representative, are waiting.

As Indonesia, in handling the Myanmar issue, Brunei, Everyone is waiting to see if they will continue to stick to the five-point agreement, which did not work like Cambodia, or if they will find a solution in other ways.

At present, Indonesia, which has become the new rotating chairman of ASEAN, must continue to watch how far it will travel in the Burmese issue.


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