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It has been reported that the Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD) has decided not to register as a party.

Regarding the decision not to register the party, The Daily Eleven newspaper has been contacting Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD) party officials, but has yet to receive a direct inquiry.

According to the law on the registration of political parties, which was newly enacted during the NASK period, the law came into effect on January 26, 2023, and political parties that want to continue to form a party must re-register within 60 days. Next March 26 will be the 60th day, and March 25 to 27 is a public holiday.

Regarding the decision not to register the SNLD party, according to SNLD Party General Secretary U Sai Laik’s answer to the Herald News, it was decided not to register the party based on the decision of the SNLD Party Central Committee meeting held on March 16th and 17th.


“At the meeting, we discussed about not registering the party. According to the opinion of all the CEC who attended the meeting, it is still not possible to register the SNLD party within the next two months. That’s why I decided not to post it,” SNLD Party General Secretary Saylek replied to the Shanshan Herald.


According to U Sai Laik’s reply to the news agency, the relevant officials did not announce the exact time period of the election, which is a reason for not registering the party.

“Unless it is announced yet, We don’t see it as a good way to force our political parties to register in advance without enacting it. At a time when the situation needs to be resolved, we must think about what to do next as a country,” Sai Lak told the Shan Herald News.

Currently, as of March 17, a total of 29 political parties have applied for party registration, according to a press release from the Union Election Commission.



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