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“The Third Event (Possible Good Out of Bad Environment)”

After the Russia-Ukraine war, the energy fuel insecurity problem faced by many countries, including the European region, has spread to many other countries. All the countries of the world are making urgent efforts to ensure energy and fuel self-sufficiency. They are trying to find new possible energy fuel sources. On the other hand, wind power, wind power, and even more reliance on fossil fuels, which cause environmental damage, are seen again. solar energy They are weighing the pros and cons of nuclear power. As a result of the war, it is also considered that in the medium term, the expansion of the use of renewable energy sources, which are less harmful to the environment and safer and more reliable, can be accelerated.

“The Fourth Event (The World’s Situation in China)”

The situation in China will be a top priority for the world to watch. In April, it was calculated that the population of China (1.4 billion) could be surpassed by that of India (with a population of 1.43 billion). As China grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, with a shrinking population, economic crises, It is likely to face other related difficulties. Economists It may not be as easy as the researchers previously expected that China’s economy will surpass that of the United States. It will be interesting to see how China’s economic policy will take risks in 2023.


“The Fifth Event (U.S. Mid-term Elections Extreme Ideology Divisions)”

In the United States, the political views of voters are more diverse than ever, and ideological differences can lead to factionalism. Abortions in the country after the results of the November 8 by-elections. increase in crime; Disagreements on the conditions of the high cost of living; Other social and cultural debates continue to be widespread. Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he will run in the 2024 presidential election. Donald Trump’s participation in the 2024 election is also considered to be a situation that could exacerbate the current situation.


In many countries, there have been many large and small conflicts since the past. Among them, there are alarming near-explosive situations. With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war shifting focus, under President Putin, more conflicts are occurring around the border. There is also a simmering issue between China and the Taiwan region. It is predicted that China may take one or more important actions regarding Taiwan in the coming period. In addition, the tension between India and China in the Himalayan region may increase.

There is also an unresolved issue between NATO members Turkey and Greece over a series of islands in the Aegean Sea that was once close to war. At this time, energy resource security, Tensions between the two countries have increased since the discovery of natural gas reserves. Turkey is believed to be trying to seize an island belonging to Greece in the Aegean Sea.


“The Seventh Event (The Allies’ Ability to Move)”

Amid geopolitical changes, the status of alliances between major powers may change. NATO, which has been revived by the Russia-Ukraine war, may be able to complete the ratification of membership agreements for two new members, Sweden and Finland.

The Abraham accords, which recently emerged in 2020 to normalize relations between Israel and the Gulf countries, are also under different views. The attitude of Saudi Arabia regarding the agreement remains to be seen.


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