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In Chin Shwe Hao border trade, during the period from December 17th to 23rd, exports were $5.860 million. Imports were $3.578 million, the value of trade was $9.438 million, and compared to the same period last year, the value of exports was $5.359 million. As imports increased by 3.167 million dollars, the value of trade increased by 8.526 million dollars.

In the export section, peanuts, rice, Peanuts (shelled), dried gooseberry corn rice broken rice dry tea raw rubber black sesame sugar cane Millet and corn Groundnuts were able to be exported more, and imports decreased in the consumer goods group, but due to more imports in the investment group and business goods group, the imports increased and the volume of trade was higher than the same period last year.


Over the nine months of the current financial year, the border trade of Lash Gel has earned more than 102 million dollars, which is almost 33 million dollars more than the same period last year. The trade from King Tong area was more than eight million dollars, which decreased by more than five million dollars compared to the same period last year.


Myanmar-Thailand border trade situation

On the Myanmar-Thailand border, Myawati, Ta Chilek, Kawthaung, Tassels, umbrellas, Mount Mau Trade is being done with Messe trading stations.

In the nine months of the current financial year, Myanmar-Thai border trade earned more than 3990 million dollars, more than 300 million dollars more than the same period last year.


If we look at the trade situation from the Myawati Trade Zone in a week, from December 17th to 23rd, exports from the Myawati Trade Zone were $7.048 million. Imports were 18.675 million dollars and trade volume was 25.723 million dollars. Compared to the previous week, exports decreased by $8.821 million and imports increased by $2.365 million, resulting in a decrease of $6.456 million in total trade volume.


The reason for the decrease in exports is that the value of aquatic products group and other products group increased by 0.169 million dollars, but the value of agricultural products group decreased by 5.740 million dollars and the value of industrial finished products group decreased by 3.250 million dollars. In the import sector, the value of the investment goods group decreased by $0.444 million, but the value of the industrial raw materials group increased by $1.188 million and the consumer goods group increased by $1.621 million, according to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.


During this period, export names from the Myawady Trade Zone are peanuts, rice, white sesame onion, Coffee beans, cashew nuts (shelled), green rubber Maize flour, dry chili rice flour Exports of garments and other manufactured goods decreased, while various fish and other items were exported more. Chemicals as imports; paint polishes, other papers, Cotton fabrics, Imports of various pharmaceuticals and beauty products increased.


The Myanmar-Thailand border Myawati-Mae Sot No. 1 Chit Kyrie Bridge, which had been closed for three years due to the COVID-19 epidemic, was reopened on the morning of January 12, 2023.


As the No. (1) Friendship Bridge was opened, Myawati-Mae Sot shopping and travel will be convenient.

After the Myanmar-Thai border No. 1 Chit Kyi Bridge reopens, some local banks have announced that they can open baht-kyat accounts for Myanmar and Thailand border trade.


Exporting goods through border trade between Thailand and Myanmar; The ability to open baht-kyat accounts for safe and secure transfers when making imports.

Due to the opening of Friendship Bridge No. 1, the economy Education Daw Thin Thin Myat, chairman of the Myawady Border Trade Merchants Association, said that all health issues will be fine.


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