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Last month, a dead sea turtle washed up on a beach in Chonburi province, Thailand. The turtle was found to be an endangered female green sea turtle about 20 years old.

According to a study by the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in the coastal province of Thailand, nylon ropes and fibers from fishing nets were found in the female turtle’s gut. plastic waste It was later discovered that it was full of irons and needles.

It is said that marine debris in the turtle’s gut caused trouble and slowly killed the turtle. Among the causes of this problem is the recently held annual Yasaka Thun festival.


The incident has fueled discussions about the sea pollution, a traditional festival held on the full moon day of the Thai calendar, Sae Ka Thong. “Do the fish and marine animals know about the need to preserve the Seyka Thon tradition?” I don’t know. They don’t know anything. But the festival makes their lives more difficult,” said Tanawan Sannawa, vice president of the Green Leaf Foundation.


The foundation was established in 1998 by various government and private sector organizations to promote Thailand’s eco-friendly tourism industry.

“Say” means floating in Thai language, and “Kathong” is something to add. The addition is a traditional offering made from banana leaves and stems. Sometimes the white plastic cork is decorated with flowers, candles and incense sticks.


To make them together, irons, Needles and stitches are used.

This year, the Thai authorities encouraged the festival by inviting foreign tourists to see and experience the beauty, lovely customs and culture of the Sae Ka Thong festival, which was held nationwide on November 8. However, two weeks later, we heard about a sea turtle dying in sea garbage.

According to a pathologist who performed an autopsy on the sea turtle, the endangered turtle died of suffocation after ingesting large amounts of undigested marine debris.


“The total amount of fishing net debris is about 100 grams,” the Sea Turtle Conservation Center wrote on its Facebook page on November 27.

“However, the total weight of all the leftover food and other types of waste in his stomach is two kilograms,” the statement said.


Because of the news of the sea turtle’s death, the Sey Ka Thong festival is held every year, so there are calls for it to be held in a more sustainable and responsible manner so as not to harm the environment.

Tanawan said that the main problem with Sae Ka Thong is the lack of public education about the environmental impact.

The death of the endangered green sea turtle exemplifies one of the dire problems facing Thailand’s marine life.


2021, the regular flights of domestic airlines that have been suspended due to the OVID-19 disease situation. Starting on December 16th, flights were allowed to resume.

The Ministry of Health and Sports has released the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to be followed by such domestic airlines regarding the resumption of regular flights.

Therefore, at present, the state-owned Myanmar National Airlines, Five domestic airlines such as Air KBZ, Air Thanlwin, Mann Yadanarpon, and Golden Myanmar will be operating in 2021. Starting on December 16, some domestic flights were resumed.

Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (YACL), which provides services and management of Yangon International Airport, is ready to serve domestic regular flights by following the guidelines of the Airport Public Health Contingency Plan (APHCP) published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2021. It was announced on December 1st.


“In Yangon Airport’s Domestic Airport Building – Terminal 3, we are strictly following ICAO’s APHCP guidelines in accordance with the health standards in the SOP officially released by the Ministry of Health and Sports where domestic flights are returning to normal flights,” a YACL official said.



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