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The Central Bank of Myanmar has set a foreign exchange rate of 2,100 kyats per dollar, and the foreign exchange rate in the external market is stable at around 3,500 kyats, and today it is below 3,500 kyats per dollar, according to foreign currency traders.

It is reported that most of the exchange counters that opened the market at a foreign exchange rate of around 2,100 kyats did not trade in dollars, but only traded in the foreign market.


“Right now, you can’t even buy more than three thousand dollars in the foreign market. like sell It’s working as you like. The exchange counters no longer buy at the market price as before, but only buy and sell at the Central Bank market price. It is very difficult to buy dollars at the exchange counters. Outside the market, buyers and sellers are connected to buy and sell,” said a foreign currency trader.

Other foreign currency exchange rates that occurred on September 12, 2022 in the domestic market are 3350 kyats of Euros; Singapore dollars 2550 kyats Malaysian ringgit 830 kyats 95 Thai Baht 500 Chinese Yuan 26 Japanese yen.


On August 27, the Central Bank of Myanmar announced that online businesses illegally trading foreign currencies will be effectively dealt with according to the Foreign Exchange Management Law and Regulations.

Illegal online news media aims to hinder the country’s economic growth and raise public concerns, and it is likely that there will be a shortage of foreign currency and an increase in foreign currency exchange rates. It is reported that fuel shortages will occur and fuel prices will rise further.


Easy access to foreign currency for the reduction of fuel prices in connection with the external factors that cause high commodity prices. Banks Negotiations are underway with the importers of motor oil, and coordination is being carried out with related ministries that are the main regulators and supporters of the country’s economy.

Therefore, people should not be worried about the illegal news media’s motivations, and those who drag up the price of foreign currency. The statement stated that they should not trust illegal foreign currency traders online, and that they will take effective action against online businesses that illegally trade foreign currencies in accordance with foreign exchange management laws and regulations.


In the current period, the United States central bank is making a series of interest rate hikes, and due to the announcements that they will raise interest rates again, the value of the US dollar is strong and the value of other currencies exchanged with it is falling in value.

On October 29, President Yun Sae-yo declared a period of national mourning as 151 people were killed in a crowd riot during the Halloween festival in Seoul, South Korea, on October 29.


Most of the dead were young people and teenagers in their 20s. Moon expressed his condolences and prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured. β€œIt’s really sad. “The incident that happened in the center of Seoul last night was a tragic disaster that should not have happened,” Moon said. He also said that the government will investigate the incident and implement basic plans to prevent such accidents from happening again in the future.


On the night of October 29, local media reported that about 100,000 people participated in a Halloween festival in the crowded Itaewon district of Seoul. Local media reported that the crowd stampeded and crushed each other during the festival. Officials said that the main reason for the stampede is still unclear.

There were 151 dead, including 10 foreign nationals, 82 injured, 19 of whom were in critical condition, said Chai San Bon, head of the Yongsan Fire Department. The death toll is likely to rise again, he said.



Chu said that all the victims were crowded into the narrow one-way street, so they were crushed to death by each other. This Halloween event is the first Halloween event in three years since Seoul lifted restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The death toll was high because of the large number of people who came to the Halloween event,” Chu said.


Among the dead, 97 were women. There are 54 men, including Chinese, Iran Foreigners from foreign countries such as Uzbekistan and Norway were also involved, the fire department said. Russia’s Tass news agency also confirmed on its official Wechat account that two Russians were among the dead, and the Chinese embassy in Seoul confirmed that three Chinese were among the dead.

According to residents, a four-year-old boy was killed and two women were injured in a knife attack by a drugged man in Mudong on October 29 at 2:00 p.m.


The person who was drugged and killed with a knife was Lin Lin Tun, 32 years old. Maung Chet Nyi Nyi Aung, aged 4, died of a severe cut to the back of the head because of the knife. Lin Lin Tun’s wife, Ma Tun Tint Tint Soe (32), also suffered a throat cut. His right fingers were cut and cut. It was reported that the young woman, Ma Chit Phu Wei (20), had a large bruise on her right side.


“The house where the incident happened is in Mudong, City (1) Ward, Mawlam Myin – in a house on the side of Thanphyuzara Road. It is known that Lin Lin Tun was the one who drugged the cat and cut it with a knife. The dead child is Maung Thant Nyi Nyi Aung, who is his nephew. It is known that one of the two injured women is Ma Tun Tint Tint Soe and the other girl is Ma Shi Phu Wei. Ma Tun Tint Soe has been sent to Mudong Township Public Hospital by social assistance groups, and Ma Chit Phu Wai has been sent to Mawlam Myain Public Hospital,” said a resident of Mudong.


Regarding the incident, the relevant Mudong police station has opened a case against Lin Lin Tun, who was drugged and killed with a knife, and action has been taken. The body of Maung Chet Nyinyi Aung, who died in the incident, was exhumed on October 30. At 1:30 p.m., Mudong City, It was reported that he was buried in Kangyi Cemetery.

The report of the Party Central Committee to the 20th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China was submitted to the Party Congress on behalf of the Party Central Committee by General Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau (Politburo) of the Party.

Among the many information included in that report, various ethnic groups from neighboring Myanmar, All religions all classes, All walks of life The author has translated some important characteristics that should be taken seriously and carefully known by the ethnic people of various social beliefs.


“Party Leadership Problems”

“At the same time, a number of significant issues and problems continue to demand immediate action.” ” “Some of these issues and problems have been building up for years, while other issues and problems have only just started to emerge. “Within the party, there is a lack of clear understanding and effective action regarding the continuation of the leadership of the party; Weak in practice yawning There are many issues going on, including a slide into a declining party leadership.”


“We were warned many times, but it was pointless. useless Pointless Formalities Bureaucratism (Bureaucratism), Sensationalism, hedonism, and extravagance still persist in some regional organizations and some major departments of the Party.”

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