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It is reported that some domestic private banks have increased interest rates and are attracting depositors in competition.

Some of the leading private banks owned by citizens increased the deposit interest rates and convinced them that they could come and deposit the money they are holding.


In an announcement by AGD Bank, a local bank, it has been invited to come and save money with an advance account to save money in a short term and get higher interest. It has been announced that the highest interest rate of 9.25 percent will be received for savings of less than 50,000 kyats from one month to three months and 9.35 percent for savings over 50,000 kyats up to three months.



Similarly, CB Bank has announced that it will offer an interest rate of 9.1 percent for the 100-day fixed deposit service, and the promotion period is set until the end of November.


It was announced that one can be deposited with a minimum deposit of 100,000 kyats.

In addition, KBZ Bank announced that the bank’s fixed deposit accounts, such as 90-day regular fixed deposit accounts with an annual interest rate of 9 percent and 180-day regular fixed deposit accounts with an annual interest rate of 9.25 percent, have been able to enjoy higher interest rates than before.

In the financial stability report published by the central bank, it is said that due to the current conditions, deposits in banks have decreased since February. To remedy this situation, the Central Bank of Myanmar has limited the amount of cash withdrawals, as is done internationally for banks. Encouraging Digital Payments;

In order for the public to have confidence in the banking system, instructing that money transfers between banks be carried out without initial conditions; Banks can withdraw depositors’ money at any time. for good cash management; Collaborating with the Ministry of Interior to reduce the percentage of money withdrawn from banks. The government’s expenses are paid by the transfer method without issuing cash from each ministry. It is stated that by doing only with Digital Payments, more cash will flow into the banking system by spending more government expenses and trying to carry out money transactions through the banking system.


Mon State Ye Township, According to local residents, the station commander and two policemen of the Khoza area police station in Khoza city were shot and killed in the morning of September 30.


On September 30, around 10:00 am, the commander of Khoza City Police Station and two soldiers were shot by gunmen when the armed men stopped the car they were riding in in the village of Ye-Khoza Road. As a result of the shooting, three policemen, including the station commander of Khoza, were killed at the scene, a local said.


“Khoza police chief and two soldiers were shot when they went to pay their salaries in Ye city. I heard that their weapons were also taken away by the group that shot them,” the resident added.



It is said that the police chief and two policemen were ambushed and attacked by the Yebulu group in Phoenigyi village, and the G-3 (2) guns that the two policemen were holding. A pistol (1) held by the camp commander; Some bullets and a talking machine. According to the social networking site they use, two (2) mobile phones were confiscated.

On the morning of last September (1st), the Mon State Defense Force (MSDF-S) fired at the police station in Khoza, according to local residents.

Last September (21st) afternoon in Ye township of Mon State, Deputy Police Aung Kyaw Min, who was the constable of Lamai area police station, was also shot by a group of Ye monsters on Lamai – Koduk road, and Deputy Police Aung Kyawmin died on the spot.


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