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On September 16, the UN Human Rights Office announced that countries should do more to prevent the flow of income and weapons to the Myanmar military.

Burma’s military is cracking down on the pro-democracy movement while struggling to manage an economy that is reeling from domestic and global upheaval. Myanmar has been in disarray since the Tatmadaw took power last year, with many dissidents under arrest.


killing many people; The United Nations has accused NASA of committing crimes against humanity.

The Burmese Army has said that it is fighting and cleaning up terrorists who are working to destroy the country.


In a statement on September 16, the United Nations human rights office called for the military to be further isolated, saying the military had failed to govern the country in a meaningful and sustainable way or to resolve a major financial sector crisis.


The statement recommended that UN member states impose embargoes related to arms sales and targeted sanctions to prevent the military’s business network from receiving foreign funding.


“The international community should take all steps within its mandate to support the people of Burma and respond to demands for the financial isolation of the military,” the UN Human Rights Office said in a statement.

United States Great Britain Although Canada and the European Union have imposed comprehensive sanctions on Myanmar, Myanmar continues to trade with neighboring countries, and some countries continue to supply military equipment to NASA.

In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the economic growth rate should increase by 3.7 percent, and the agricultural sector should increase by more than two percent. It is stated in the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget information (Citizen’s Budget) that the industrial sector aims to grow by more than four percent and the service sector by more than four percent.

In the fiscal year 2022-2023, the national plan aims to increase the total domestic production and service value to 12,393,741.9 million kyats at annual prices and to increase the economic growth rate by 3.7 percent at regular prices.

Economic growth by major sectors was 2.3 percent in the agricultural sector; The industrial sector is expected to grow by four percent and the service sector by 4.1 percent.

In the agricultural sector, in order to export agricultural products abroad. To carry out activities that will bring immediate benefits, such as the Semiangu river water project and the production and planting of sunflower seeds. In order to be able to breed and produce pure breeds, irrigation It is stated that fish will be planted in the dams to improve fish yield.


Arrangements for obtaining livestock loans; green leather smooth leather Live cattle and other animal products; fish, To export shrimp and other aquatic products abroad. private forest plantations; Village farms, It is stated that it is intended to work for the establishment and maintenance of watershed plantations and mangrove plantations and the re-operation of suspended state-owned factories.


In the industrial sector, small, To improve the quality of small and medium enterprises; In order to reduce the import of iron and steel from abroad, to allow the state-owned factories such as Myeng Farm Steel Factory and Ping Pat Steel Factory to resume operation. In order to produce the covid-19 vaccine locally, China has partnered with China’s Sinopharm CNBC pharmaceutical factory to produce 10 million doses of the Myancopharm vaccine.


To expand and build power lines and substations/transformers under the village; Level highways, To make the bridge appear, Rural roads to facilitate the flow of goods and traffic for rural people. It aims to build rural housing.


In the service sector, to provide fast transportation of passengers and goods within a short period of time. To expand and build basic communication facilities in the Underserved Areas where the development of basic communication is still low and to build new ones in the areas that do not yet have basic communication.

Digital banking system Short development of electronic banking systems; To improve education and health facilities; Exceeding export and import targets. Encouraging and promoting imported goods in order to promote exports. It is stated that it is intended to provide support for visiting international trade fairs.

Capital cities in regions/states It is stated that it is aimed to open trade centers in cities that are economic hubs and cities that conduct border trade.


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