25.07.2022 – 29.07.2022 (A Tate Papers A Pine 2)

Locals are criticizing the construction of a three-story high building next to the ancient office of the regional government headquarters in the center of Dawei, Tanintharyi Region. The three-story building that will house the meeting hall of the regional government next to the 90-year-old old office, where the regional government is located, has been criticized by residents and people who want to study and preserve the ancient building after ground clearance and foundation excavations were carried out last February.

“Actually, high-rise buildings should not be built here. The old office, which is also a pagoda, should be valued as a historical heritage by the people’s government. If it rises, it’s hidden. It was built in 1928 and opened in 1930, and now it is celebrating its 90th anniversary. If the government does not take care of the historical heritage in the center of Dawei, who will take care of it? Office (now the Regional Government Office); Municipality (now Municipal Office); Commercial line The new Burmese are the things that can be shown in one group.



If you want to make a meeting hall, you can take the old parliament and modify it. A waste of public money. Is it really necessary to build it? The budget to build that building should be able to build at least 10 elementary schools. There are many places in need. The historical place in the center of Dawei is where the government has been based for ages. Such a meeting hall was built during the time of U Thein Kyi, the National Council. At the tennis court.

At that time, they were against it, so it was broken. If you can’t even get that inside, isn’t it too much to hide and build that big office? Keep your people. How much less will the heritage researchers coming from overseas look at as historians? Think about it. I imagine they will ask if the government has no brains,” said U Aung Moe, a Dawei resident who wants to preserve ancient buildings.

In addition, if the regional government were to build a new meeting hall according to the requirement, the elderly in Dawei, Wagyi literary scholars should be discussed and asked; Doing this does not put those persons in the eyes, He criticized that it is a tendency to do whatever you want without consultation. The construction of the three-story building, which is being built next to the regional government office, started last February, and since it will be built with a steel structure, the necessary materials have been ordered from abroad. The construction of the building is under the responsibility of the regional level department under the Ministry of Construction, and the foundation excavations are currently being carried out.


Therefore, the first direction is the meeting hall that will hold at least 100 people or more. Another thing is that it prevents you from adding something like a library. Downstairs is the parking lot. The main one is the upper double. There will be a meeting room, Like a library. Another thing is that if we make an e-government system now, it must be used for the necessary rooms. It was purpose-built for this,” U Thein Aung, director of the regional government, said.

“The first thing is the meeting hall. As you know, the meeting room in our regional office. There are now about 90 departments at the regional level. When it became 90, the meeting room was no longer available, so I had to sit all the way to the east.

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