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Magway Region Peanuts Lands where oilseeds such as sesame are mainly grown; Many people automatically see the drought-prone customs. Born in Yenangyaung, one of the townships with the highest daytime temperatures in all of Myanmar during the monsoon season, I was originally viewed similarly.


Among the mountainous areas involved, he repeatedly visited villages on the side of the Magway-Minbu-An highway on the Nat Lake and Pauksa ridge in Ngape Township. At the junction of Pathein-Monywa Road and Minbu-Ann Road, passing Padan to Ann Road, you have to climb hills up to over 4,000 feet above sea level. On the left side of the road, there is a lake called Nat Lake and the Pauk Sa mountain range. Got Gyi Khun ZuĀ  There are villages such as Ma Htone.

In fact, Magway Region, also known as the Dry Zone, is bounded on the north by the Chin Hills; It is bordered by the Rakhine Yoma to the west and the Central Yoma (Bago Yoma) Mountains to the southeast, as well as parts of Magway Region.


However, when I have been to many parts of Magway Region not only as a journalist but also because I do not want to be in a place where I have never been before, I find that this view is like “I have never seen it before.”

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