25.04.2022 – 29.04.2022 (A Tate Papers Apine 2)

Thaung Tin Tun was shot and killed by a man and a woman on a motorcycle while fleeing from the Royal Tun Market in front of his house on the Monywa-Yae Oo road.

Similarly, a primary school principal in Kutaw Pallin Village, Monywa Township, Sagaing Region was shot dead on April 18, according to the State Administration Council.

According to the report, 54-year-old U Tin Win, the headmaster of No. 10 Basic Education Primary School in Kutaw Pallin Village, Monywa Township, was shot dead by security forces on April 18 at around 5 pm. Tin Win, the headmaster of the school, was shot three times in the back. He died at the scene after sustaining gunshot wounds to the chest.

In Britain, a health worker gives a young man the COVID-19 vaccine (Photo: AFP)

Researchers believe that a person who was infected with COVID-19 for 505 days before dying in Britain is the longest-serving patient with the virus.

A team from King’s College in London and the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust said the previous record of 335 days was not a re-infection.

Neville and his team studied nine COVID-19 patients in London who studied how the virus changed over time, and concluded that new strains of the virus were more likely to be found in patients with weakened immune systems.



One of the co-researchers, pathologist pathologist Guyana Beer, said the condition had improved since an unnamed person developed respiratory symptoms in mid-2020.

However, he was later admitted to hospital and tested positive for the virus 45 times before dying.

Continuous transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 can occur in patients with weakened immune systems, Nebia said.


“This is one of the assumptions for the emergence of different viruses. “According to conventional samples and genetic tests of the virus, five out of nine patients are infected with at least one of the most dangerous strains.”

“Some people like Alpha, Many strains have been linked to the worrying strains, such as the delta and omicron strains. “But none of the people we researched were infected with the new strain of anxiety.”

Of the nine patients with a weakened immune system who were diagnosed with the virus for at least eight weeks, the infection lasted an average of 73 days. However, two patients remained infected for more than a year.


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