28.03.2022- 01.04.2022 (A Tate Papers Apine – 2)

Up to seven Russian generals have been killed in the war in Ukraine, and another has been ousted, Western officials say.

The latest Russian general to be killed in the fighting is Lt. Gen. Yakov Rizhanstev, commander of the 49th Southern Command, an official said.

Meanwhile, the general, who was ousted earlier this week, is the commander of the 6th Brigade of the Russian Army, Brigadier General Vladislav Yashov.

His abrupt dismissal was reportedly due to heavy casualties by the Russian military during the months-long offensive against Ukraine and strategic shortcomings.

Among the Russian army generals killed in the war was General Margometsh of the Chechen Special Forces deployed in Ukraine by President Vladimir Putin.

Western military and security officials have been shocked by reports that not only Russian soldiers but also high-ranking officials have been killed in the more than a month-Fri war in Ukraine.

Communications and logistics problems are one of the reasons for this, and Ukraine has uncovered secret communications used by senior Russian military officials.

The Russian government announced on March 25 that more than 1,300 Russian soldiers had been killed in the war in Ukraine, but the West said that number could be four or five times higher.

At least 300 people have been killed in a Russian airstrike on March 16 in a refugee camp in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, officials say. As a result, the incident is considered to be the deadliest attack in the current war. Jack Sullivan, a national security adviser to US President Joe Biden, described the bombing as “significant” and “shocking”. He also said that the lives of innocent people in the blocked city of Marieupol were openly ignored.

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