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Nine people have been registered missing in the landslide near Thayar Gone village in Hpakant Township, Kachin State, and as of December 24, six bodies have been found.

For the first time in Thailand, a group of Omikrun internally infected species has been found in the northeastern province of Kalasin, officials said on December 24.

A spokesman for Thailand’s COVID-19 task force, Apisa Maisrienson, said 21 new cases had been reported from the Kalarson infection group.


He said the outbreak began with a couple from Belgium who were allowed to enter the country under a quota-free program for tourists who had been vaccinated in Thailand.


The couple was diagnosed with the virus in early December and showed signs of infection on December 15, confirming that they were infected with the omega-2 strain, he said.

So far, 205 people have been infected with the Omikron strain in Thailand, most of them foreigners, officials said.


Two more were found on Dec. 24 after a search using submarine equipment, said Jasperro, a rescue worker.

It says: “We were trained underwater swimwear. It is over 60 feet deep. The mud is very thick at the bottom. Due to the large amount of landslides, it is not easy for the landslides to re-emerge. Nine people registered and six people got it back. People do not give death lists. “I was not far from the landslide, so I could see about 20 people.”

A survivor of the landslide said, “The landslide site is still there. Eating at the bottom, I did not go because it was dangerous. This side is visible from the fire. There are two Rakhine girls selling at the market. They do not list missing persons. Two escaped the middle shore on this side.


There were about 10 people on the other side of the river. There were about 50 to seventy people sitting on the bottom bank. Not a short length. It is impossible for them to escape. The landslide lasted only a few seconds. There are about 35 more vehicles parked at the parking lot. “There are individual miners here, so some will only know if the landlord tells them.”

Hpakant Township, Kachin State, on December 19. Six people were missing and three bodies were found in a landslide in the old Nay Min Kabar block between Sharokha and Mana villages near Sai Ja Bon village on the afternoon of December 22.

At present, companies in Hpakant have been banned from mining, but locals say they are being smuggled in with heavy machinery, both large and small.

On December 14 last year, in Hpakant Township, Seikmu Group Ko Kyaw Win Soe, a jade prospector in the Nanmaw block, was hit by a stone while dumping soil and died. Landslides occur in Hpakant every month, especially during the monsoon season. It is reported that lakes and landslides from the highlands are frequent.

In Hpakant Township, more than 20 villages near the jade blocks (over 20 miles in length) from Hpakant and Lone Khin village tracts to Seik Mu village tract were reported to be in danger of landslides. On July 2, 2020, at over 6 am, Wekha village, A record 172 people were killed and 54 were injured and 19 were missing in a landslide at Kyauk Myat Shwe Pyi Co., Ltd. in Ward 6, Lakhu Chaung.

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