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Lockdowns have been in place since early 2020, when the coronavirus first arrived in Myanmar, causing crop prices to fall due to travel difficulties. Farmers affected by the first and second waves of the epidemic suffered further crop losses in the third wave and were unable to recover.



Due to the rapid spread of the virus during the third wave in Taunggyi, the Stay at Home period was set for July 26.

In the past, the decline in tomato prices was due to the simultaneous production of raw materials from other regions. Farmers said that despite the hot weather and the drying up of Inle Lake, prices of crops fell due to the closure of markets during the Kovich epidemic and traffic congestion.

Tomatoes fell by 9,000 kyat per basket by the end of the third wave of the Kovich epidemic. Farmers and traders are facing losses as prices have dropped to 3,000 kyat per 30 pisa basket, said U Kyaw Lwin, a trader from Mong Thauk.



“Farmers are not comfortable now. The sellers are not good either. Because the price of tomatoes is very low. Now it is around one hundred pounds. It does not match the pick-me-up fee. The farmer also loses. The merchant also loses. Wages have dropped by about 500 kyat. It has been falling since the end of July. The market did not recover until August. Donations cannot pass through one region after another. Early farmers get good prices. Later farmers could not recover. Farmers can no longer grow because they have lost their capital. The same is true of other crops. Cabbage is also cheaper. Yangon, We mainly send to Mandalay. We can’t stop now. If we stop, the farmers will be in trouble. They mainly grow tomatoes in Insein, ”said U Kyaw Lwin, a trader from Mong Thauk.



“It has been two days now that farmers have been repurchasing for 300 kyats a pound to their satisfaction. However, the sale price of fresh fruit is only 170 kyats. I lost. It empowers farmers after losing. Even 300 kyats is not enough capital. Roads are reopening, but we have to go on time. Three hours a day. Yangon, Mandalay markets were open but extended by an hour. It used to be 4 to 3 o’clock now. Illness due to health condition. Now it costs 100 kyats. Fifty for sale now. It is sold only on the day when there is a buyer. If there are no buyers, we have to shoot, ”said U Kyaw Lwin, a trader from Mong Thauk.

June July August September is the best time to grow tomatoes. Currently, Inle Lake has the largest number of tomato growers, accounting for about three-quarters of the total Inle Lake.


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