Five students arrested for protesting in front of a cheap clock tower inside Pakokku University

Trade has been delayed due to local protests against trucks importing goods to China via Chin Shwe Haw in Laukkai Township, Kokang Autonomous Region, northern Shan State.

COVID-19 was temporarily closed from September 18 to 22 in the Kokang Autonomous Region, where immigration is strictly restricted for preventive measures, and trucks were allowed to enter the area from the morning of September 24 until the morning of September 24.

Although Chinese trucks are not blocked at the Chin Shwe Haw border gate, locals are worried that the COVID-19 virus will spread to other parts of Burma and spread the disease. Due to the driver replacement system, the flow of goods has been delayed.


Authorities in the Kokang Autonomous Region have temporarily closed access to previously closed vehicles from 18 to 22 September to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee. Immigration is restricted. There are about 200 trucks waiting in line here. Therefore, it was presented during the visit of the Shan State Chief Minister. They reopened on September 24 to avoid delays in trade in the area, but in the evening many cars could not enter at the request of the city’s residents. So far, the Kokang Autonomous Region authorities have not made any concessions. As a result, the flow of goods has been delayed. Only if the Shan State government does not stop trade can we meet the needs of the people at the grassroots level so that commodity prices do not go up, ”said a local trader.

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