NLD criticizes renewal of NLD coal mine

Sai Htay Aye, a representative of the Monywa Township People’s Assembly, criticized the extension of the Tikai coal-fired power plant, which claims to endanger the environment and the health of the community.

The NLD government has criticized the factory for protesting the environmental impact. The permit was extended to run for three consecutive years from May 201 to 2022, after being approved by the Union Government.

The operation is being done by locals and local people. The Government should maintain control over the issues raised by civil society and concerned companies; Are there plans to review the extension of the factory? Sai Tun Aye asked questions in parliament yesterday.

“The factory is running out of electricity,” said Sai Tun Aye. If there is environmental damage to the ethnic population in the area, then it is worth reviewing the extension of this project, ”he told reporters after the parliament.

Shan State The plant was built in 2001 under the previous military government of China, and was jointly operated by China National Industrial Corporation and the Adam Group, a subsidiary of China Electric Power Company.

Low productivity of the plant; Machine failure The local government temporarily suspended operations in 2014 under Thein Sein’s government due to local residents’ demands for the plant’s termination, and in 2015 signed a 22-year contract with Wuxi Hua Guang Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

“The project was started by the junta. It uses modern technology. So coal is burned after it is burned and will it be compatible with the current era? It is questionable whether the country can support the long-term sustainable development expected by the country, ”Sai Tun Aye told reporters.

Deputy Minister for Electric Power and Energy Khin Maung Win responded to the question by providing electricity to the country as well as providing regional transportation and transportation. Access to electricity; Agriculture The company is cooperating with local development. The parliament responded by saying that it was controlling the dispute between civil society groups and companies.

He said the plant could generate only 50 megawatts of power when the company was not transferred to the company and that the company had upgraded to 100 megawatts.

Deputy Minister Khin Maung Win said, “The 100 megawatt is not only sufficient to meet the electricity needs but also to meet the needs of the state. “The power generated by the Mitsubishi plant is beneficial because it is meeting the needs of the state.”

When the plant was rebuilt, the use of technology to reduce the environmental impact of coal-fired power plants internationally. The Ministry of Reason claims that the facility is being used to make public information transparent and transparent to plant plants and to monitor the emission of carbon dioxide and air from the factory.

Sai Tun Aye, a member of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (NLD), said that the water and ecosystem degraded around five miles from the factory. Due to the pollution of the plant, local respiratory problems, pollution He pointed out that he was experiencing problems such as low birth weight.

Transparency and accountability in Myanmar; Aung Kyaw Moe, a member of the Alliance for Responsible Civil Society (Shan State), said: “Today I strongly oppose the answer given by the Minister today. The answers are different from those on the ground. We are surprised that the answer has been effective, ”he told The Irrawaddy.

The environmental impact assessment of the Tigrin coal plant has not yet been completed or confirmed. Aung Kyaw Moe said that the government’s response was to buy back the electricity from the power plant and that the deputy minister’s statement in the Parliament was not about the public interest but the company’s interests.

As of April, hundreds of locals do not want coal-fired power plants to destroy the environment and social life.

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