Shopping centers reopen in Thailand

Thailand has reopened a two-month closed shopping center on May 17. Businesses are also advised to take preventative measures against the second wave of COVID-19 in order to avoid a second wave of arrivals.COVID-19 has been shut down for a number of months, as shops have closed for a number of months due to the epidemic. On the first of May, many came.

Just hours before the center opens, you will see a crowd waiting outside the building. Before entering the center, shoppers are required to wear a masked mask. The rules for standing apart from each other are limited.Centers also had to measure each customer’s temperature with a measure of the temperature and wait for the social distancing to come to a standstill.

Employees at the center also find it difficult to stay away from social distancing as many shoppers arrive. “The shops are reopening. It is best to come during the day, ”said a shop employee.Some stores are using applications that can be pre-ordered through a smartphone to address the growing problem.A shopping center official said, “All customers are asked to have a QR Code at the entrance and ask them to register. Over 28,000 guests can be welcomed every two hours. If they have more, they will be asked to wait outside.

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