Who objected? It will remain a historical record as to who to support

Today’s section 436 (a) of the Union Law, contained in Section 436 (a) of the Union Parliament, is intended for the amendment of the 2008 Constitution. In reaching the final decision of the Hluttaw on the ballot, which contained 14 sections, the provisions of the Armed Forces could not be amended.

The amendment clause did not reach the 75% of the vote in order to reduce military power. However, Article 32 (a) and Article 32 (b) were less than politically correct, since amendments were over 75%.

Therefore, the Irrawaddy gathered the views of some Hluttaw representatives from different parties in the party after the session of Parliament, which was reformed today.

The main purpose of visiting parliament is to visit the Parliament in recognition of the efforts of the Union Parliament for constitutional amendment. Now we find two articles that can be modified here. But this is huge! We do not see any sign of great political change.

But I have seen MPs trying to amend the constitution. For the public. The Hluttaw representatives are working hard to negotiate a constitutional amendment from within the Hluttaw. Glad for that

As far as we can imagine, constitutional amendment is as much as we would expect, and I think we must try again to reform the constitution in line with the constitution.

Whatever the case, the efforts of the MPs are encouraging. The public also recognizes their efforts.

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U Pe Than People’s Parliament Representative (Rakhine National Party)
At 14 points today, we can only correct today’s disability. This is not important. Next year, I look for an article we can amend. The article is almost impossible to find. It is unlikely that any agreement will be reached next year.

During the discussions, the Tatmadaw found that they were only talking about disability and disability. Even if we want to get what we want, we will not find any article that is over 75%.

Overall, the constitutional amendment could have been fully implemented. Who objected? No one can support it except for the historical record.

If the next day votes, it’s just a matter of saying that you don’t expect anything from the beginning. They are equally supportive. Discuss There was no point in discussing the common agreement that they liked it.

In other words, reducing the role of the Tatmadaw or reducing the mandate of the President or limiting the qualifications of the President, such as 59 (f), is unlikely to have been discussed in Parliament.

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We all know that the law must be agreed with the Tatmadaw and the NLD if it is amended.

They do not cooperate significantly. I read more and became more contentious and more emotional.

The main point is that the two sides can agree on a two-way agreement with the Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Services. Which will reduce? Which will cancel? Only then can this be achieved.

The current situation is far from over, and it is far from the NLD and the military. I would say that the feeling of being more and more rigid and rigid stands out.

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