Investigation of two Laotian villagers prosecuting trial officials

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Rakhine State A police officer and a police officer in Mrauk-U District Court were arrested in Sittwe District Court on Wednesday, January 30, in a case against a villager charged with anti-terrorism law in Mrauk-U Township.

The Sittwe District Court, Sittwe, and Lt-Gen Zaw Myo Win, who served in the Mrauk-U 31st Police Department, said the court heard today.

“Today, we have examined one officer and one police officer in court,” said U Aung Min Min. Colonel Htin Lin said he had filed a complaint at the police station in the violence, according to his department. Moreover, the accused were not present during the investigation but were present during the investigation. “His statements were just information that was learned during the investigation,” he told The Irrawaddy.

Family members also came to court to hear the case. Paletwa Township Khin Maung’s wife, Yu Yu Khin, was also detained in a detention camp in Thandaung village.

“I don’t understand the case,” he said. He met Khin Maung. For her, it is like not only worrying about the children but also the school, ”he told The Irrawaddy.

Khin Maung and Ma Yu Yu Khin Khin explained that Khin Maung and Khin Maung were arrested along with other villagers while they were traveling by boat from the village in the village of Maungdaw to take out the money deposited in Mrauk-U Township.

In a recent court case, the deputy commander of Mrauk U Township, who served as Mrauk-U Township Commander, and a policeman from the 31st Battalion.

In the case of the villagers who have been charged under the Terrorism Act, the plaintiff has been accused by the military and military. Policeman Prosecutors have also presented 26 prosecution witnesses, including civilians.

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