The Coca-Cola-Burma border crossing temporarily closed due to Corona

Kachin State, which is affiliated with China, is concerned about a possible coronavirus infection. The Myanmar-China Friendship Tunnel, which is located in the lake, has been temporarily closed.

The information was released by the Kachin State Government; Some ministers have confirmed the Irrawaddy.

Kachin State “According to the information we received, we heard that the lake was closed. We have also submitted a letter to the Union Government from the Kachin State Government to close the gates. ”

China, China, and the Kachin State The Kachin State government has asked the Union government since January 25 to close the border between the two Myanmar border checkpoints, the Kengtung Hinges and the Laiza port.

“We also conduct an inspection by the director of the health department,” Ne Win said. The department is doing everything the fever and the fever has done, ”he said.

Other cities bordering China are also measuring the temperature at border crossings.

China Yunnan Province In Muse, which is bordering on Shweli, the border crossings are being measured by measuring instruments on both sides of the border. State Parliament speaker Sai Kyaw Thein said.

“On the Muse side, we have three entrances on this side,” said Sai Kyaw Thein. The hole in the center of the palace is a thermo scanner that detects the temperature of incoming persons. The other two were white elephants and Man Win, while handcuffs were used. “The temperature is checked by the device.”

According to Sai Kyaw Thein, two Myanmar nationals who returned from China from Muse on January 26 were suffering from a fever and were being treated at Muse Hospital.

“One of them came to the hospital and he was diagnosed with fever. He was placed in an outpatient department. The other one was kept in a 24-hour watchdog hospital. According to the director of the hospital, there was no sign of the virus. He said he was a citizen and was being treated and treated.

China The bird flu outbreak in Wuhan’s human wildlife market has been reported in the city. The deadly pandemic, which began in December, has now spread to other cities in China, rising to more than 3,000 people, with more than 80 dead.

On January 26, word spread that there had been outbreaks in the town of Shweli, which is adjacent to Muse, and authorities in the town of Shweli. Hotel Bets have been announced and closed.

Visitors in the city of Shweli also urged the returnees to return to their homeland and return to China only to return to normal conditions. Posted in bilingual Myanmar

China Illnesses in the Wa State Unification Army (UWSA), which shares borders with Yunnan Province; He also said that people with high temperatures were not allowed to enter the border.

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