Suu Kyi says there is no basis for international condemnation

Muslims from northern Rakhine kingdom condemned Burma about important international consultant, she has criticized the claim it is a state of stability and growth, said a mediation effort that has negative effects on Myanmar

In a rare opinion article in the British Economic Times, a leading commentary on the British Financial Times, on Thursday, Suu Kyi wrote that the international community is “shaping the image of Burma” and that this has damaged diplomatic relations with Burma.

“Even with similar condemnation to countries that have less resources than Myanmar, the consequences for them are worse,” she wrote.

Myanmar is facing severe international condemnation after the displacement of Muslims in northern Rakhine state in late 2107.

In August 2017, in response to attacks by the Arakan Rohingya relief forces (ARSA) in northern Arakan State, in response to attacks by government security forces in the area of ​​Arakan State, more than 700,000 Muslims fled to neighboring Bangladesh.

The fugitives also reported controversial killings, rapes, and other killings. He said the Burmese security forces were burning up their property and their property. UN investigators say the operations are aimed at genocide. Both the Burmese government and the military deny the allegations.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) have filed suit against Myanmar, and there is an independent case in Argentina alleging that the country is a genocide of Muslims.

“All of these cases (which are related to Burma) are too much on the UN Human Rights Council’s search team, which relies heavily on refugees’ statements in camps in Bangladesh,” she wrote.

Aung San Suu Kyi said that an independent investigation by the government had set up an extensive investigation into the violence and displacement in Arakan State in 2017. The group submitted their latest report to the president on Monday.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi says that there is no basis for the UN and non-governmental organizations to change the ways in which the United Nations and non-governmental organizations rely on the most basic human rights protections.

The ICOE reports that some refugees may have provided inaccurate information.

“Victims must listen to the voice of victims. You must draw near to the heart. But it is equally important for discerning investigators to seek the truth. ”

“We can understand this, but we must recognize that there are systematic challenges. “The international judiciary does not seem to be able to filter out misleading information before it casts a shadow of a crime on all countries and governments.”

The State Counselor says that human rights groups are accusing Burma based on statements that have not been substantiated through the criminal investigation proce

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