Is Rangoon Government Corrupt?

“If the government loses money due to the wrong procedure, it would be futile.” Daw Sandar Min, chairman of the finance and economic committee, said.

The statement was made in Rangoon’s Rangoon Parliament, which is currently the case of BPI factory chief Dr Aung Zaw, warning against the corruption scandal by the Rangoon government.

The anti-graft commission charged Dr Aung Zaw with using 26 tonnes of Lotte capsules instead of the successful LG Cham capsules for the manufacture of blood vessels and the bottles used to replace them had lost 500 million kyats because of poor quality. I sued.

Like all Sandarians who have discussed the findings and comments of the Auditor-General’s budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, nearly all of the Hluttaw representatives who have discussed in the Hluttaw have criticized it.

At the 11th regular session of the Yangon Region Assembly held from January 21 to 23, the 17 Hluttaw representatives discussed the report of the Auditor General.

The Rangoon government intervened on the report of the Auditor General’s report on the expenditure of the Rangoon government to disseminate the full audit report to the Hluttaw representatives and the report was reviewed by the Public Accounts Committee. The parliamentary representatives also did not seem pleased.

The restriction by the government seems to be aimed at repealing the rule of law in the Yangon Region Assembly’s fiscal year 2016-2017 report, which seems to be no longer the case, as the lawmakers critique it.

However, when the Parliamentary Speaker was allowed to discuss the report, new comments and accusations emerged as of last year.

The Yangon Region Government and Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) failed to comply with the financial procedure. The report found that activities that exceeded mandates and expenditure activities were granted to a particular organization or individual. The Finance and Business Committee presented it to the Parliament.

Every action comes in line with the government’s fiscal rules

The Anoma Company Group, which has been granted permission to run a ministerial office in Myanmar, has also been involved in projects that have lost public money due to mismanagement of the Yangon government, including mismanagement of the Rangoon government. The Finance and Business Committee questioned the government in Parliament.

In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the President’s bid was also met by a presidential bid for the purchase of a 30 billion kWh gas and 25 MW turbine diesel in accordance with the directive of the President’s Office.

This generates 1668 gallons (6,360 liters) of diesel per hour. The generator was installed in July 2017 and ran for five months until May 2019, generating only 11.806 million units.

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