Yangon Region Government Public Sector Criticism

Parliamentarians, led by Prime Minister U Phyo Min Thein, said that the Rangoon government is using its will in cases that are not allowed by the Parliament to use public funds.

Though the Parliament has allocated Ks 64 billion kyat from the 132 billion kyats in the 2016-17 financial year, the government has allowed the development of housing, but the government has allocated Ks 52 billion at Yangon Metropolitan Development Public Co., Ltd (10 million kyats) and Yangon New Development Co. Billions of dollars contributed township parliamentarian fame.

The Second Regular Session of the 11th Regular Session of Yangon Region Hluttaw was held today, the 21st Regular Session of the 21st day, held on 21st January, 2016 at the meeting of the Auditor General of the Union Auditor-General’s 2017-18 Fiscal Year Audit Report. This is a rash.

The Yangon government has set up a YMD for housing projects and the NYDC has been set up for a new Rangoon project to be implemented across Kyeemyindaing Township.

YMD company’s mission is to help more than 27,000 families in Yangon invasion to build housing for the third regular session of parliament, the government incursion among Hlaing quiet and already built more than 2,000 apartments and more than 8,000 apartments under construction In reply Parliament visit Kyaw Zeya.

“The Rangoon government is spending 64 billion kyats, except for the promises made in the Yangon Parliament,” he said. We want to resolve this issue, ”he said in the Yangon parliament.

The government has asked YMD to invest 64 billion kyat in the Hluttaw, but the government has not yet announced the 10 billion kyats ($ 10 billion) to the NYDC without informing Parliament. Daw Sandar Min, chairman of the Planning and Business Committee, told The Irrawaddy.

“We cannot change title if we invest in state-owned capital,” he said. If the title changes, it will need to be re-submitted to Parliament under the financial rules. ”

In addition, the FY 2015-16 capital spending of $ 30 billion to $ 10 billion from the public transport in Yangon bus bought 137 buses in the public company (YBPC) was included in the public transport sector, rather than the actual spending $ 70 billion $ 80 Yan fame.

The state government has officially used YBPC and YUPT public companies to transfer KB 70 and YUPT to the Yangon Bus Service (YBS) system from Yangon Region to the Yangon Bus Service (YBS) system.

The Rangoon government has only allowed 70 billion kyats for public transport, but the rest of the matter is not known.

The Hluttaw representatives criticized the State Council for allowing the Parliamentary Auditor General’s report of the current fiscal year 2017-18 to be released, and the briefing of the Audit Report was only six months later.

On January 8, the Yangon Region Auditor-General only submitted a brief report on the Yangon Region government’s fiscal year 2017-18 budget.

In the report, the Yangon Region government failed to impose fines on non-compliant businesses; Loss of government revenue; Failure to follow the President’s instructions on transparency; YRTA, which earns over Kyat 7,000, has no income tax. The misinformation of the taxpayers, including the improper tendering of the bill for the purchase of the 30 billion kyats, has cost millions of kyats for taxpayers.

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